6,900 ordinary passports launched

I suggest that in addition to issuing 420 Genesis passports, 6,900 ordinary passports can be issued, and ordinary passports also have certain rights. Ordinary passports are issued as rewards to the addresses of the first 6900 pledged nations to obtain thevenation.


:thinking:I think it doesn’t need an ordinary passport. If it’s just to be a citizen, holding 0.01 venation is citizenship. There can be up to six million citizens. If it’s to strive for more rights and interests, the power will be weighed according to the number of votes in the future. This is the simplest, intuitive and effective method.


I had a similar thought about issuing IDs for supporters with low $venation. I think that passports should be exclusive and costly at this stage to be attractive as status goods (as there is no other use case initially). At the same time, we should not turn away supporters who cannot afford that and issue IDs to build a sense of community and belonging.