About the Nation3 Embassies category

Nation3 Embassies are physical locations across the world where Nation3 citizens meet in person. These can be buildings or spaces rented for long-term; rented for specific events; or even bought through a dedicated fundraise.

If you want to open a new Embassy, discuss the logistics of operating one, or propose the hosting of an event, please use this category.

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I like this idea :raised_hands:

Should it be a requirement to present the NFT passport to enter these embassies?

  • Providing Nation3-related stamps for citizens or passport holders to collect when they visit Nation3 Embassies, similar to Camino Pilgrim Passport.
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Providing different sections for tourists and citizens is essential to Nation3’s reputation.

We may allow some web3 communities to hold AMAs and events in Nation3 embassies. NFT passport holders can participate as early birds if they wish.