Brainstorming around community belonging and citizens

I have a few proposals/remarks I’d like to make, alongside with the rationale for them:

  • Avoid the concept of $veNATION holders: While it was helpful before passports were launched, I don’t think it’s really helpful now and causes some confusion. Citizens should be the ones having access to gated Discord channels, and not $veNATION holders as it is now. Obviously we need to reinforce our on-ramps for possible contributors to become citizens, but the focus should be on that and not on onboarding contributors with a 0.01 $veNATION stake.
  • Create a shared calendar for citizen events: I really like how 1Hive does it, and I think we should replicate it. Discord events are great but most people use a calendar app, and this would for sure allow for higher engagement.
  • Structure Social Circles: Create a formal structure with an Intro section where newcomers can introduce themselves, a Discussion section where we talk about a topic pre-elected by citizens (maybe public policy, crypto economics, etc.) and a Freeform section where it’s just organic interactions. This way we effectively turn them into thematic events, and we can get deep into topics that blow our mind, exchange book recommendations, etc.
  • Introduce a State of the Nation call: The idea would be to review how we are progressing towards our North Star metric, and discuss strategy around reaching it. From a practical perspective, this would likely be led by short presentations by Meta Guild members followed by discussion by citizens.

Thoughts on this?

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Agree with the proposals and think it makes a lot of sense.

On the $veNATION holders front, the only reason we were still keeping this definition is to not leave contributors out before we have an “earn your way in” mechanism, which in the current state is awaiting for the Court release. But otherwise completely agree!

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Completely Agree, currently, the Nation3 Discord server has over 3000 members, and although I have no data to back these up I believe among these 3000 members I would say less than 10% are holders of the $veNATION and less than 1% actually engage in the community. Having to be a $veNATION to access the discord server is a great idea although I think the initiative was put forward prematurely. I joined Nation3 because I believed greatly in the cause and I was determined to be a part of this so having to hold the Nation token wasn’t an issue. People coming into the server are curious as to what’s going on and are probably open to being a part of this, but having to hold the token raises red flags with most people in the web3 space and I think this is part of the reason why Nation3 sees low retention in the community.

As someone who has engaged in a lot of social activities, I would say people have different interests and areas of expertise. Similar to the way you have break-out sessions or various guilds the idea is to direct community members towards guilds that also aligns with their personal interest ’ The best way to get people’s attention is to give them what they want having a shared event calendar will allow people openly participate and also bring a sense of togetherness amongst community members.

I strongly believe in having structured Events and focusing on building an individual core team. This can’t be built around discussions alone but with routine meet-ups for updates and reporting. The Nation3 community call should be a call that would enable all members of the community to participate where various guilds will give updates and reports on the various initiatives which have been set up and how they are being executed.

I believe an event should be scheduled around this to discuss the way forward for the Nation3 DAO, this way we could define initiatives around Community Experience and Onboarding, Governance, operations, finance, Growth, and brand marketing and establish a working system that would enable the DAO to move forward.