Contributor Project Proposal

Hey everyone,

Wanted to share this as a draft version and get your feedback before proposing the budget.

Below I have listed out the things I’d like to work on for the next 3 months, based on what I think adds the most value at current stage.

The issue I ran into is that if I were to split it into separate Guild roadmaps, this would probably span across at least 3 different guilds, some of which currently don’t have any / almost any active members. So that would mean drafting multiple separate roadmaps for different guilds where I’d likely start off as a single contributor, meaning that Coordinape wouldn’t work (as @aahna pointed out is the case for any Circles with less 3 people).

The simplest, in my view, would be to just present this as a project that I intend to focus on, with an associated budget. And anyone who’d like to propose their own focus areas in which they feel they don’t currently have enough people to form a guild around, can do the same.

Objectives & Deliverables:

  1. Setting up Treasury Guild:
    • scouting & onboarding qualified members
    • setting up tools & processes
    • proposing budget allocations
    • agreeing parameters for treasury strategies
  2. Securing short-term financing through bonds:
    • securing investors & agreeing financials
    • relaying requirements to the Developers Guild for on-chain implementation
  3. Working on growth collaborations with other community projects
    • increasing utility of $NATION as a passport to other membership-based organisations
  4. Hosting AMAs to boost community growth
  5. Explore partnerships with Special Economic Zones or other organisations with land & funding
    • explore joint-venture style partnerships where Nation3 could provide software layer (eg Court) and a third party would provide physical infrastructure
  6. Recruit a community member to take on Twitter management on an ongoing basis
  7. Speak on behalf of Nation3 at crypto events (target 3 per quarter) to boost awareness

Resources required

  • A new Treasury Guild would be formed to manage the DAO treasury - will require compensation & $NATION (amounts to be agreed at a later point, depending on individuals we get etc)
  • Developers Guild for implementing on-chain loan contract for operational financing (tasks can be added as needed on Dework)
  • Brand & Design Guild for any visuals that might be required when announcing partnerships with other community projects (tasks can be added as needed on Dework)
  • Marketing budget for AMAs / crypto events participation in exceptional cases where makes sense for Nation3, but will make every effort to keep it to minimum.
    Estimate: $5k per month (anything larger to be approved in a separate vote)
  • Other resources may be required depending on the scope of potential SEZ partnerships
  • Compensation for Twitter management (to be agreed in a separate proposal by the respective community member)


Contributor comp

I’d make compensation scope partly dependent on whether or not we are able to secure a loan and therefore pay contributors in stables (to avoid harming the token):

if in stables: 10k USDC per month
if in $NATION: 6k worth of USD

Dework bounties

(to encourage community contributors to participate)
$1.5-2k worth of $NATION per month

Marketing budget

up to 5k USDC or $3k worth of $NATION


Community Coordinator Proposal


2 month ago, when our project, Nation3, launched, here were 3 community coordinators hired.
(@rencai201 @ NIL|ZhiZhi @aahna ) Right now we find that there are only two community coordinators who still perform their duties on a daily basis. (two community coordinators are enough in our situation) However, the role of community coordinator would influence the credits of Sourcecred. He can get more credits even he do nothing for our community, which is obviously unfair. That is the reason we should renew the list of community coordinators.

As the fluctuate of market and currency prices, the previous budget for Community Coordinators should also be adjusted to a reasonable range.

Renew Community Coordinator

I propose to remove NIL|ZhiZhi ’s role as community coordinator. Just keeping 2 community coordinators, @rencai201 and @aahna .

Adjust the budget of Community Coordinator

I propose to adjust budget from 0.33 $NATION per month to $1.5K USDC or same worth of $NATION per month.


Hey @rencai201 - would you like to publish this as a separate proposal rather than in the comments so it doesn’t get lost?

I definitely agree and already removed Nil from the role on Discord.