Idea: A Web3-based international education system for everyone

The course would cover language, math and programming, allowing people to learn content without prior knowledge, from kindergarten to university. The course is designed by a group of teachers who are given rewards according to their contributions.

Users register using their wallets, and certification is awarded when they reach a certain level of progress in the course. Certification can be used for various purposes, including work and study.


@okla Thank you for sharing your idea :smile:

This certification, would it be an NFT?

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NFTs can be generated dynamically using timestamps and processes. Considering the primary purpose of the current design is recognition, a mechanism should be in place to prevent counterfeits since it could be used for work and study certification.

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Education is definitely one area which is very needed to create a shared culture, and to nurture free thinkers, which result in good citizens.


Perhaps we can integrate Web3 with Khan Academy so that students can register and be certified. Rather than creating everything from scratch, it might be more feasible to coordinate.

A guild on this topic should contain the following:

  • Project Manager
  • Full-Stack Developer (Web3 related)
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This proposal is excellent. Education is the foundation of a country!

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It’s a great idea, and it would subvert the ideological dictatorship that is the foundation of the nation-state. We have seen what bureaucratically controlled schooling can do to individual minds - and as a Chinese student I suffer from it.

As a nation on the cloud, the need to provide license-free educational resources to the entire human race or to a subset of sovereign individuals seems unquestionable - a supra-national social community needs to provide the basic crypto-punk liberal art, basic math and computer literacy to form the knowledge base for the citizens of the cloud nation.

But in terms of specific ways to achieve this, I think we need to discuss some key issues

  1. What is the basic idea of this international education system?
  2. Is it necessary for us to develop our own educational resources?
  3. What external resources, already available on the Internet, can be made available to citizens for learning?
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Thanks for sharing your vision and experience, that’s one of the main reasons why building an educational system is so important

  1. The first step is to define the aspect you want to discuss. Could you please elaborate more on this idea? As for the structure, it should be more like a guideline with some tests and resources. Students are given principal for some knowledge like math and language. In order to accomplish this, it should not only allow users to adapt to web3 seamlessly, but also explore the possibility of knowledge with language skills, how to search for resources, or finding the right mentor is crucial for someone to develop themselves without the constraints of traditional education and social wealth.

  2. It would be ideal if we hired a team of professionals in education to design the course. (That would be my eternal goal in education)
    The current state of the internet resource makes aggregating it a reasonable option. If we had enough resources and human resources, building an educational system would allow people to learn what is basic and necessary without wasting time on chaotic exploration, leading to most people giving up on opting for self-education. We could even open a group and Guild for the student to share their situation and solve what they have faced, more to be discussed when a specific guild is created for education-related.

  3. Additionally, there are plenty of resources for education on the internet, see 33 Of The Best Free Online Tools [Updated], in the current stage, aggregate those resources and make them into a list for the different field is possible. A course structure and information that should be included would be discussed after the guild has been created.


What we can do now, see :

As an example of Nation3-Education-Web3 :

Anyone who has an idea about the form of education is welcome to share.