Karma reputation system for contributors - link wallet to forum

Hello - We have been working with Karma on building an MVP reputation system for Nation3 contributors. Karma aggregates contributor activity across Snapshot, Discord, Discourse, Dework, Aragon voting and quantifies those activities to generate Karma (reputation) score. You can see the Nation3 dashboard here Nation3 DAO Contributors Leaderboard.

If you are a contributor interested in seeing your forum activity along with other stats, please link your wallet to your forum handle. You can go to the dashboard and click the “Link” and follow the steps. You can see a loom video of the entire process here Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Verifying my forum identity for nation3 governance addr: 0x47d80912400ef8f8224531EBEB1ce8f2ACf4b75a sig: 0xd621a8102cd4dba86759e5970e93b1309e409504480b8003d948fab59e17146c518a25847828730a59407f1e6db93b9fa4a4747d8a1ba42e8827bae73115bc511c #nation3governance

Verifying my forum identity for nation3 governance addr: 0x4e3072f7b5C075EA5FdEb423DA95312C4B99dc22 sig: 0x1e1797cfbe5b814f3d0571be2cbff7d86ae7813d101d416e5c68769a936952c752d6a0294989da73dcd2d67c0b5018f81fdebb6f125d97f1f6c753f811cbea461c #nation3governance

I’m weirded out because I cannot find my ENS name in the ranking at all, and I’d say I contribute a good amount :thinking:

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That is very strange. The weightings 100% need to be configured. I didn’t ask for any modifications to the defaults as the priority was just to get all the integrations setup, but none the less that is still strange. I will circle back with the karma team.

I am writing a forum post about our show karma experiment. Its important that the community know whats being tracked and how its configured

@luis can you message me your ens/eth address so we can investigate. By default we pull the latest 250 voters from snapshot and go off of that. We can just add your address one time and stats will update constantly going forward.

It’s luisc.eth, thanks!

I see it on the dashboard, you could search by ens name or eth address.

Here is your profile Karma profile - luisc.eth

Also, turns out, you are using a different address on dework, so the dework points came back 0 for this address.

@mmurthy I think there is a problem with the “LOAD MORE” functionality:

That is strange. Just to confirm, you are seeing some entries missing? I am not able to reproduce the issue. I see a bunch of users with score 96. Are you consistently seeing that? Could you please try again? Trying to figure out how to reproduce. Thanks.

@mmurthy Yes, there are profiles missing, with scores between 135 and 69. For example, mine is 105, and I’m not in the list:

Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 4.59.10 PM

To reproduce: Go to Nation3 DAO Contributors Leaderboard, press “LOAD MORE”, then scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Verifying my forum identity for nation3 governance addr: 0x327b0c1Ecd110651dC9994b6764b695c9cdC29bA sig: 0xc5817695eaf68738d96e71084c70afa34fa967d925c3c94196c628a6eb3a649418482fcd503966ad851d702467de943ac9b7b168e024745929a4d01026d1ba781c #nation3governance

Thanks @aahna, it’s been fixed now. Let me know if you see any issues.

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Verifying my forum identity for nation3 governance addr: 0xEdd000B7Db3cb8931d4E0cb1D0DBe6B947Ceb09A sig: 0x5169d09a3fc6d68f8a89eb117bf6bba1f95eb857b0aa9bbfb1e252edd73fad816ae2e5fe377ee6297d6fa2b6979783ab4254d675305c12632d9bc763981e385c1c #nation3governance

Verifying my forum identity for nation3 governance addr: 0xADc73EB8E4673e5FD5A9c709c4379c074991F2D3 sig: 0x017c85bfdd5c9a26ea31175af9f1f96051e82d2f8c1ad43bc8d3c9fa1491caee5e612c451770d0eca48e2a9b4317795807a73fe7a17998939f968b70aadca45f1b #nation3governance