Nation3 Q2 Roadmap

Q2 Roadmap

This Roadmap is largely focused on “meta” objectives, such as structuring and coordinating activity and defining the next steps of the organization as a whole. Each Guild would have their own more granular roadmaps.


Treasury Diversification

  • Perform initial minimal treasury diversification to bootstrap activity
  • Create a Treasury Guild with a core focus on diversifying and growing the Nation3 treasury by diversifying assets, farming and participating in DeFi protocols
    • Set up the parameters, allocate funds, elect Guild members & kick off treasury diversification
  • Consider other investment strategies & allocations from the treasury, e.g. VC to scout and invest early in products and tools that would service the cloud nation ecosystem

Contributor Compensation

  • Set up a Rewards Guild to execute payouts to contributors :white_check_mark:


Onboarding & Access

  • Define the model for correct alignment of benefits, requirements, and governance rights of $veNATION holders and various tiers of Citizenship :white_check_mark:
  • Launch the Genesis Passports :white_check_mark:
  • Launch ordinary Passports
  • Consider loan mechanisms for becoming Citizens, to eliminate financial barriers to entry


  • Define the quarterly roadmaps and budgets for each Guild and set up respective Dework boards
  • Elect a Coordinator for each Guild with the task of ensuring the Guild remains focused on the tasks defined each quarter and responsible for monthly reporting on Guild activities
  • Agree on a methodology for pricing tasks
  • Elect a Meta Guild moderator, with the task of ensuring smooth operation of all other guilds, documenting inefficiencies, interacting with other Guild members to collect feedback, and proposing structural changes when required

Internal Economy

  • Consider, vote on & implement a way to create trust between community members by using on-chain agreements


Decentralized Exchanges

  • Create the initial NATION/ETH pool on Balancer :white_check_mark:
  • Launch Liquidity Rewards on Balancer, including boosted rewards for veNATION holders :white_check_mark:

Brand & Community

Around the globe

  • Nominate ambassadors in trad countries with core community presence
  • Host at least 5 physical events & meet-ups
  • Nation3 Ambassadors to speak at (at least 5) leading crypto events


  • Set up community hangouts in Gather


  • Launch Nation3 swag
  • Produce a short film with Nation3 Manifesto

#WeAreNATION :cloud::united_nations:


In my opinion, the best thing about nation3 is that the project side is willing to listen to the opinions of the community and members, which is the most powerful and the foundation of Dao
thx ana and luis!!!


great project , keep it going~

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how to make the same profit photo like you are using? then we can all change our profit photo in all social media, can be let more people know about us.

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I am looking forward to the arrival of passport and waiting for mint date
I’m looking forward to what I can do for the community with my passport


Come on, I am very optimistic about the future development of the project.


Hope to be an ambassador-evangelist.

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Great Project. Looking forward to get a nation3 passport

I’m glad to be involved in such a good project.


I know I can’t go wrong with the project I support :smiley:

Many milestones have been reached and I am now most excited about the Launch of Genesis Passports, keep going nation3!

great project. So lucky to be with it.


Come on, I am very optimistic about the future development of the project.

I hope ordinary citizens also have passports.

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Come on, I hope to continuously active