Open Call for Projects and Guild Roadmaps

Following the Discord discussion on how to organise and compensate contributors based on the structure @aahna set up on Coordinape (kudos for it!), this post outlines the proposed way forward and the guidelines of submitting project, roadmap and budget proposals.

Project-based vs Guild-based roadmaps

Some work is much easier to coordinate and compensate on a project basis. For example, the creation of a Nation3 Court system will likely involve almost every guild and will have a set budget and target completion date. On the other hand, activities such as community management, website or wiki internationalisation, and various meta activities such as Coordinape set up or treasury diversification are not project-based, and would be easier to map out using Guild-specific roadmaps.

As such, we could experiment with both these approaches in parallel, where:

  • guild-based roadmaps will have a defined set of objectives & total budget per quarter, and individual members would be compensated weekly in GIVE tokens using the Coordinape peer-to-peer allocation system with each guild as a ‘Circle’;
  • project-based roadmaps will have a defined scope, total budget and target completion date per project. Dedicated Coordinape ‘Circles’ would be set up for each project, and individual members would be compensated weekly in GIVE tokens using the Coordinape system peer-to-peer allocation system.
  • the Meta Guild will be responsible for verifying all work to be according to the agreed scope, and ‘unlocking’ the weekly payouts.

How to submit your Project

For the next 2 weeks, until EOD Wednesday, 29th June, all Citizens (and $veNATION holders, for now) are encouraged to submit project proposals they’d like to focus on for the next 3 months. The proposals should include the following information:

  • Project name
  • Project objective (describe the desired state at project completion)
  • Detailed specs
  • Resources required (tag guilds, eg Brand & Design Guild, so members can get involved)
  • Core project team
  • Total budget for the project
  • Target completion date

Please submit your project proposals to the City Hall category on the Nation3 Forum by EOD Wednesday, 29th June.

How to submit your Guild Roadmap

Until EOD Wednesday, 29th June, each guild and its respective members can collectively propose a roadmap + associated budget for 3 months ahead (including contributor compensation as well as any other expenses required to execute on the roadmap, such as printing, production, travel, third party fees or other expenses). The Roadmap proposal should include:

  • measurable objectives
  • completion date
  • compensation fair for the task (bearing in mind this can be for 1 person or split between multiple people)
  • other costs associated with task completion
  • total budget per month and for the overall 3 month period

Please submit your project proposals to the City Hall category on the Nation3 Forum by EOD Wednesday, 29th June.


  1. Once the proposals are submitted, the citizen council will Nation3 Citizens will have another week (until 6th July) to discuss, comment & provide feedback on the proposed budgets & roadmaps, with enough time to request changes if appropriate.
  2. The vote to approve each project / roadmap and their budgets will start on 6th July.
  3. Once approved, the guilds can start working towards the agreed roadmap. On a weekly basis, guild / project members would allocate GIVE tokens to each other in their Coordinape circle, therefore valuing each other’s contributions.
    Dework can be used as the board to organise and manage tasks within each guild.
  4. Each week, the Meta Guild will review the work completed and verify that it matches the proposed scope. If that is the case, Meta Guild gives the green light to the Rewards Guild to pay out weekly compensation (preferably, in stables) according to the GIVE token allocation.

Total guild budgets

As we are just experimenting with this process for the first time, and given the current market conditions, we should start with a lower budget with a view of increasing it in the following 3 months if the experiment goes well.

For the sake of simplicity in the early days (and given the relatively small active community size & history of activity in these guilds) I think it makes sense to merge the roadmaps of Community, Events & Growth guilds under “Community” for the first 3 months.

As such, I’d propose that the total maximum budget for the Meta, Community, Developers, Research, and Brand & Design guilds, plus projects for the first 3-months period does not exceed 250k USDC (depending on whether we’ll be able to secure the USDC for operating expenses in the form of a loan - if not, the $NATION budget would have to be lower).

This total maximum budget is proposed based on a competitive monthly comp for ~8-10 full time, or 16-20 half-time contributors, which covers existing active members and allows room for newcomers.

As a note, I’d propose moving current comp of 0.33 $NATION per month to @aahna and Raymond as community coordinators to be part of the Community Guild compensation, and factoring it into respective Guild budgets.