Partnership with BanklessDAO

Last week I had a chat with one of the Bankless Community members, who is responsible for cross-DAO collaborations. We discussed different ways in which Nation3 could collaborate with BanklessDAO with the purpose of:

  • community cross-pollination
  • educating the Bankless community on Nation3 mission
  • introducing ways for them to get involved in practice

In my view, the Bankless community is one of the largest, ideologically aligned communities in the ecosystem, and their members are very knowledgeable, hard-working and well organised, as I’ve seen from their Discord. They have:

  • 49.5k followers on Twitter
  • 26.6k Discord members
  • 148k Youtube followers

So I think it would be super valuable for us to work with them and spread the word on Nation3 there as the two communities could be very complementary.

Ways to partner

Typically, BanklessDAO offers AMAs as the first step to collaborate. They cost $5,000 and involve (on their side):

• Working with the client to create a marketing banner and a POAP
• Tweeting about the event before, during, and after
• Creating a calendar event and marketing that in the Community Call
• Organising guest passes for the partner’s guest list
• Presenting the live AMA within the Discord
• Streaming the event live to YouTube, which serves as an archive of the event

More details on their AMA offer here.

Even though I’m not generally a proponent of paid collaborations (especially not where two communities are clearly aligned), maybe the AMA could be a good start.

AMA aside, however, the Bankless member (senad.eth) also agrees that we should explore non-paid partnerships, since they also see Nation3 as a very cool project with an aligned mission :heart:

Would love to open up a discussion here on:

  1. if you guys think the AMA is worth doing for $5,000

  2. what are other cool ways to collaborate in non-paid way, e.g. token swaps ($NATION for $BANK)

I think we should try to act fast as it would be valuable to onboard more committed, talented & aligned members ahead of the Genesis Passport launch.

Thoughts welcome!

Shall we do the joint AMA in their Discord for $5k?

  • Yes!
  • No
  • Yes & lets explore non-paid collab as well

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Money and token are tools, growth and speed are point. I choice Yes!

when will we hold an AMA with banklessDAO?

cool,banklessDAO is the symble of DAO

In my subconscious mind, I think NATION3 has great potential and its mission is ahead of its time. Partners should be able to participate in AMA for more free. However, since we just started, some payment in the early stage is acceptable, and we even need to charge fees in the later stage.

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This is essential and beneficial for community

BanklessDAO are top dogs in the crypto world. A partnership with them would give us the visibility we need. Would be even better if we did a podcast episode with them!

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