Poll: Make smart contracts under development open source?

Nation3 smart contracts are being developed. Some have been deployed already, while others are work in progress (WIP). For example for handling liquidity rewards distribution, NFT passport, etc.

Given the nature of immutability of smart contracts, should Nation3 smart contracts be open sourced and peer-reviewed by Nation3 DAO members before being deployed to the Ethereum mainnet?

  • Yes: We want to see the code before it’s deployed
  • No: Open source the code after deployment

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recently there are so many hacking issues, it might be good to show the source code at the late stage of the development. it can be reviewed by community members and audit institutions.


There’s no discussion here, Nation3’s code is going to be open source and helped by the community.
Right now everything is open, there hasn’t been progress in other parts yet, but as soon as there’s the “hello world” you’ll be able to see it, criticize, share propose changes and mess with it.