Poll: Potential products of a future Nation3 Marketplace

In the near future I will be introducing a proposal to build a Marketplace, where we would connect buyers and sellers of Web3 products.

What type of products would you want to trade on a Web3 Marketplace?

  • Smart Contract Writers/Consultation
  • Legal and/or Tax Consultation for Web3 Users
  • Web3 Development (Front End, Full Stack, ect.)
  • DAO Related Services (Development, Consultation, Public Relations, and Content Creation)
  • Web3 Focused Cybersecurity Services (Development, Auditing, Pen Testing and Bug Hunting)
  • Other (Please leave in a reply)

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Other: Cars/motorcycles/scooters/bicycles.


I choose other.

The other day I got a call from a guy that wants to start a digital bank. I asked him why he thinks doing what other people do already is a good way to spend his creative energy/period.

I think that the best goods or services are precisely the ones that do not exist that can replace a centralizing feature or gatekeeper role.

For example Risk Management is something all successful businesses do well. The only model is a centralized one ie a committee agrees on something, and everyone else accepts it. Existing rails play a large part of this.

There is no decentralized model of this. In a decentralized model each rational actor would do their own risk assessment of the ecosystem and implement their own risk mitigation measures competitively against all other equals with the same information. The incentive is not only survival but material advantage. Sort of proof-of-strategic planning or Proof of Risk Management but not replace the financial ledger but to run a as a protocol, maybe to attract stake.


I am a bit late to the party – but just wondering whether it wouldn’t be better to focus on integrating with existing marketplaces, like Dework. Building products is hard, and integrating saves a lot of time not having to reinvent the wheel.