Proposal: Adjust the list and budget of Community Coordinator


2 month ago, when our project, Nation3, launched, here were 3 community coordinators hired.
(@rencai201 @ NIL|ZhiZhi @aahna ) Right now we find that there are only two community coordinators who still perform their duties on a daily basis. (two community coordinators are enough in our situation) However, the role of community coordinator would influence the credits of Sourcecred. He can get more credits even he do nothing for our community, which is obviously unfair. That is the reason we should renew the list of community coordinators.

As the fluctuate of market and currency prices, the previous budget for Community Coordinators should also be adjusted to a reasonable range.

Renew Community Coordinator

I propose to remove NIL|ZhiZhi ’s role as community coordinator. Just keeping 2 community coordinators, @rencai201 and @aahna .

Adjust the budget of Community Coordinator

I propose to adjust budget from 0.33 $NATION per month to $1.5K USDC or same worth of $NATION per month.

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