Proposal: Allow 12.6 $NATION to be spent on sponsoring citizenship Constitution reviewers


There is now a draft for Nation3’s first Constitution, necessary to launch the Nation3 Jurisdiction. However, this document needs thorough review.

Some lawyers with Web3 background have been participating in the process.


  • Enable 3.nation3.eth, which already has 30 $NATION, to spend 12.6 of those $NATION on sponsoring Genesis Passports for lawyers who have helped/help review the Constitution draft.
  • 3.nation3.eth would send 2.1 $NATION to lawyers who have helped review the Constitution (chosen at discretion based on contributions), for them to claim a Genesis Passport.
  • It’s a Proclamation proposal since 3.nation3.eth already has the needed funds, therefore no on-chain action is needed.

See PR at N3GOV-26 by luisivan · Pull Request #32 · nation3/gov-proposals · GitHub.