Proposal: Allow up to 9 $NATION to be spent on rewarding top Constitution edit proposals


As we are in the phase of actively seeking feedback for the Constitution from the wider Web3 community, I’d like to ask for up to 9 $NATION to be used for rewarding best proposals (new clauses or significant clause edits) that make it to the final version of the Constitution. This will primarily be used to incentivise participation from outside communities, such as Proof of Humanity, BanklessDAO, CityDAO and others.


  • Enable 3.nation3.eth, which already has 30 $NATION , to spend up to 9 of those $NATION on rewarding best feedback to the Constitution draft, where such feedback gets included in the final version.
  • 3.nation3.eth would send 0.3 $NATION to 3 top reviewers from each of the various aligned communities with whom we coordinate a campaign (such as Proof of Humanity, BanklessDAO, CityDAO, and others).
  • It’s a Proclamation proposal since 3.nation3.eth already has the needed funds, therefore no on-chain action is needed.

Github PR: Create N3GOV-28.json by anastasiyabelyaeva · Pull Request #34 · nation3/gov-proposals · GitHub


I agree with this proposal since we need feeback from reputable players in Web3. Also, it’s an opportunity to get they involved and increase the number of active citizens.


That’s a great idea.

I inadvertently submitted a few of my ideas as anonymous (some of which were accepted, and one of which you eventually turned into an agora discussion).

Will I miss out on those possible rewards?