Proposal: Amend Nation3's Dispute Resolution Process

Dispute Resolution Process V1


This proposal, as a first version, aims to amend Nation3’s current Dispute Resolution Process. The amendments provide more flexibility in communication methods, introduce an appeal process for procedural issues, and create a more streamlined dispute resolution experience. We acknowledge that there is still room for improvement, particularly in the appeal process, but wish to move forward with these amendments to provide a better experience for users.


Nation3’s current Dispute Resolution Process follows a structured timeline and relies on Skiff Ethereum aliases for communication. In response to feedback from our community and judges, this proposal seeks to address the limitations of the current process.


  • Enhance flexibility in communication methods for dispute resolution.
  • Introduce an initial version of an appeal process for procedural issues.
  • Streamline the dispute resolution process for a more efficient and transparent experience
  • Continuously improve the dispute resolution process based on user feedback and evolving needs

Proposed Solution

Implement the new Dispute Resolution Process V1 outlined in the provided text, which includes amendments to the communication mechanism, evidence submission process, privacy rules, platform malfunction provisions, language requirements, and the introduction of an appeal process. We recognize that the appeal process may require further refinement and are committed to continuously improving it in future iterations based on user feedback.

Key Amendments

  1. Extension for Time Windows: Introducing the option for parties to extend the Evidence Submission Time Window and Outcome Proposal Time Window, with a combined duration not exceeding 21 days.
  2. Enhanced Communication Mechanism: Allowing parties to agree on alternative means for communication and evidence submissions, such as email, Discord, or Telegram.
  3. Streamlined Evidence Submission Process: Simplifying the process for parties to submit evidence by either specifying their preferred communication method or using an Skiff Ethereum alias.
  4. Appeal Process for Procedural Issues: Introducing an appeal process limited to procedural issues, such as deadlines not being respected, improper notifications, or biased judges, with the DAO deciding whether the appeal proceeds.

Alignment with North Star Metric

By creating a more flexible and transparent dispute resolution process, we will be able to attract more users to Nation3’s legal system, thus increasing the Total Value Secured within the platform. This V1 proposal acknowledges that further improvements may be needed and is committed to an ongoing process of refinement based on user feedback and evolving needs.

*I want to emphasize that we acknowledge that there’s room for improvement, but it’s necessary to implement the feedback we received so far into our current Dispute Resolution Process.

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