Proposal: Ratify Nation3's first Constitution

This proposal is for the Nation3 DAO to make the following statement:

The Nation3 DAO constitutes the Nation3 state as a sovereign constitutional republic governed by its citizens according to the principles and rules outlined in the Constitution accessible at ipfs://bafybeidfupkrpzch3gwryqnaevratjc2nabhfoibygn5mmdpaylzbmajqu/

This governance proposal:

  • Ratifies the Nation3 Constitution as the foundational document for the Nation3 republic that the Nation3 DAO, citizens, judges and guardians will adhere to from now on. Passed.
  • Amends the existing governance process to comply with the Constitution. To ensure the accountability of guilds (which are part of the Executive branch), all funding proposals must adhere to the Expense proposal standard. Passed.
  • Sets the Arbitrator Contract Address to operate the Supreme Court.

North Star metric alignment

This governance proposal aims to further increase the North Star metrics in the following ways:

  • Assets in the Nation3 jurisdiction: The Constitution shall become the backbone of the Nation3 jurisdiction, providing legal certainty and checks and balances necessary to attract assets staked.
  • Number of active citizens: The Constitution outlines the rights and duties of citizens, and by providing legal certainty around the Nation3 jurisdiction, invites them to engage in economic activity within the jurisdiction, thus increasing the number of active citizens.

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