Proposal: Set Q4 2022 goals

If the North Star metrics governance proposal passes, the next logical step is to define how to measure those metrics and set goals to meet in the next quarter.

In terms of criteria to measure, I would propose:

  • Number of active citizens: Citizens with a NationCred score higher than X during the last 4 weeks of the quarter
  • Value secured by the Nation3 jurisdiction: Equivalent amount of BTC staked in Collateral Agreements secured by Nation3 Court. Measuring in USD makes us prone to market externalities, while measuring in NATION creates a perverse incentive for the value of the token not to grow so it’s easier to reach the goal

For Q4 2022, let’s have a discussion about the particular numbers we should target. Just to get the ball rolling, let’s say:

  • 50 active citizens: Trying to target a NationCred score equivalent to a citizen devoting 1h/week to Nation3
  • 1 BTC: In my opinion this is more of a symbolic figure, since the important milestone will be to launch the court (plus everything required like recruiting jurors, drafting meta-agreements…) and heavily test it, not to pursue growth yet

After having set this metrics, then guilds can start working on initiatives to increase them, thus creating sub-objectives with their own KPIs.

Check out the PR on the gov proposals repo.


@luis If citizen activity will be based on the NationCred score, I suggest we build a new SourceCred plugin for measuring Snapshot voting activity.


Discord active added bonus

OK,cool,use BTC for what?

Just as a price reference. Using USD is prone to crypto market cycles, and using NATION creates a perverse incentive (low NATION price would make easier to meet the goals), so BTC seems best.

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