Proposal to design the *dopest ever* Nation3 swag 🚀

As Nation3 has marked its birth 5 days ago, it’s already winning the hearts and minds of thousands of community members.

To continue building on this momentum and generate a deeper sense of belonging, I’d like to propose the creation of dopest swag ever created. Why? Because at the end of the day, Nation3 is a movement centered around culture - the culture of freedom, peace and prosperity.

Read the proposal for specific pieces of swag below:

Swag Types

I would like to propose two types of designs for swag items: the Genesis Citizen swag, only accessible to the upcoming Passport holders of Genesis type, and Nation3 community swag, available to purchase by the general public irrespective of their passport type or Nation3 membership. As the Ordinary passport type is introduced, swag could easily be updated to include this category of citizens, too.

I believe the Genesis type swag and the general public swag are equally important for different purposes: the former serves as a symbol of unity that connects early members of the community and rewards their trust in the emerging cloud country; the latter helps spread the infectious movement beyond existing members, fueling community & culture growth.

Example Items

I propose the community to vote on the following items of swag to be designed in the first place. More suggestions are super welcome - please propose them in the comments!

  • Passport cases/ holders that say (”I am a citizen of Nation3”)
  • Nation3 flags
  • Beach towel
  • Backpacks
  • Denim jackets
  • Recyclable coffee mugs

Once the decision on items is made, I’ll evaluate the costs and make a Snapshote vote to approve the budget.

*Note that an on-chain vote would only be required once to approve the budget for the swag project. Further decisions on designs & items would be made via Forum polls.

Distribution Venues

I propose to send out Nation3 ‘welcome packs’ for free to all of its Genesis Citizens. This will be a one-off campaign and should serve as an additional incentive to claim the first NFT passports.

The community swag would be available to buy on the website via Printful on-demand printing.

Resources Required

Adri, the mastermind behind all Nation3 designs, would propose designs for the swag items to allow the community to choose.

Once the items are chosen, a budget will be proposed that will include design work, the printing and shipping of the first welcome packs to Genesis Citizens.

  • Passport cases/ holders that say (”I am a citizen of Nation3”)
  • Nation3 flags
  • Beach towel
  • Backpacks
  • Denim jackets
  • Recyclable coffee mugs

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Very good proposal. It shows our country to people and strengthens their sense of belonging

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Ducktongue maybe a cute select~
And with summer coming up in the northern hemisphere, maybe a t-shirt is a cool option ~

   I have a bachelor's degree in marketing and six months of experience in art supply chain.
   Can you open the application for dework again? I am putting together a supplier profile for the China region but forgot to apply. 

   Considering the different logistic restrictions of customs in each country during the epidemic, maybe we need to collect information from everyone in the region first to calculate the logistic costs and decide if we need to decentralize the manufacturing.
   Considering the uncertainty of Omicron, we should act as soon as possible.

I need $nation to sense of belonging :smiling_face_with_tear:

Greetings to you.

I hereby present this budget for the Genesis Swag.
Before the breakdown, we needed a vendor that can handle
the shipping and printing on our voted swag items.

An extensive research led us to choose Printful
which have the capability and flexibility to handle our order and arrangements.

Unfortunately, Printful don’t have passport holder as we voted and wanted.

So, I have to choose the 4th items with highest vote which is Backpack
to replace passport holder. The Bacpack can have Nation3 design (like
Nation3 Citizen) on it if we decide.

And the breakdown is as follows:

it means that:

if we go for Unisex Jacket with 2 colors, it costs $138.17 to send each
genesis swag to a member, bringing a total of $58,031.4 budget while
going with Unisex jacket with 3 colors will cost $118.17 for a member
with a total of $49,631.4 budget.

Over to you, which budget do you think we should go for.

Budget A =$58,031.4. Budget B = $49,631.4

I thank the community for giving me this chance to serve. Look forward
to doing more.


Denim jacket for 3 color


I am not allowed to added all the four links for the products.

P.S. Shipping price may vary.

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Thanks so much for the comprehensive overview! We’ve been thinking and actually decided to make a change to make the experience smoother for recipients:

The whole welcome pack would look much much cooler if it’s properly organised and packaged with everything in one beautiful Nation3 box. So we found a ‘personal assistant’ agency here in Portugal where we are, where we can:

a) receive all individual items (we can also order the passport cases now from Zazzle since they just need to be shipped to 1 location)
b) organise it all into a Nation3 designed box
c) ship it all out to individuals

It would provide a much better experience to Citizens.

So @niceface would you mind adding the passport cases costs to the budget, and making shipping for everything to just 1 address?

Thanks so much!

This is great Idea. So, I will remove the backpack and add passport holder, then make it one address. I will do that as soon as possible.

Here is the new budget as requested.

Zazzle will now supply the custom passport holder and ship to one address as well as Printful. The price here reflected a discount from Zazzle for a 500 units.

I chose one order for 500 units believing we may send out more in future. With that said, this is the new budget;

We can now decide what budget to go for.
Thank you.

update @anastasiya . Check the custom Passport Holder here if you want to see it.

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Zazzle force you to buy these quantities on check out as you can see here:

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This looks great, thank you so much @niceface. A few more things to add:

  • a custom design box to package everything into a welcome pack: White-on-Kraft Mailer Boxes | Low MOQ & Fast Delivery | Packhelp = €5,146
  • storage & individual shipment executed by a local Personal Assistant firm = €600
  • individual shipment costs for 420 physical addresses = rough estimate of ~ € 15,000 (based on ~ €35 per address)
  • design work for Adri = 2 $NATION

So the total budget = €60,000 + 2 $NATION. I have just posted this for approval on Snapshot as a total of €65k counting the design work.

If u need more things in real life to connect more ppl,there’s no doubt that we hadn’t reach out that stage absolutely. And if u just plan to make sth for those ppl who really wanna be a part of our nation 3,I can provide some resources abt making those products for our members here and the early supporters.

Here is the ground total for this project;

Thank you.

Designs are here! :fire::fire::fire:

  1. Denim jacket

  2. Flag

  3. Passport holder - option1

  4. Passport holder - option 2

  5. Custom Box

Any comments / suggestions? :slight_smile:


1.the jacket reminds me of the Attack Titan,maybe the logo should be the arm or shoulders? Its so cool!
2.the flag maybe add something abt cloud? like our suffix in official accounts,that will be so cool;
3.I prefer the option 2, its impressive for me,ofc, option 1 is good and simple.
4.the box of it is so cool,can’t help having it.

and if u need more factory or help of making clothes,u can connect me in discord,my ID is wenser,or discord username is winburn.bit#9504.

appreciate ur efforts on those things,tks a lot!