Proposal to issue Genesis NFT Passports


On April 8th 2022, Nation3 was born as a movement towards a peaceful future of interconnected communities: cloud countries and crypto cities powered by the Web3 stack.

To mark its birth, today 2150 $NATION have been distributed in a tweetdrop to 2150 addresses.


To turn this community of token holders into the first Nation3 Citizens, I propose the creation of a limited edition Genesis Citizen NFT Passports.

NFT passport holders will be the core users of all Nation3 services that might be available in the future, and simultaneously those that drive forward the cloud nation in its bicameral governance system.

They will be the ones that make proposals, conduct research, carry out initiatives, structure themselves into working groups, and do everything else that’s required to successfully kickstart a cloud nation. The Genesis Citizens will invest their time and expertise into the project, while making use of the funds from the Nation3 DAO.

In the first instance, I propose to issue a limited edition of Genesis NFTs to ensure the community grows at a sustainable rate where coordination is possible. Once the DAO decides that the community is ready to expand, more passport tiers could be issued.


Token Gated Discord

The Genesis NFT passport holders would have access to the majority of token-gated Discord channels, ensuring that the community coordination is efficient, manageable, and productive. The overview of channels that would be made available to NFT passport holders can be found below:

How to get a Genesis NFT passport

NFT passports would be non-transferrable, and would only be minted by those that hold the required amount of $veNATION. This ensures that citizens have long-term economic alignment.

To receive the Genesis NFT passport, a minimum balance of 2 $veNATION would be required. Given that $veNATION balance decreases over time as the remainder of the lock decreases, it would need to be renewed to keep the NFT passport. If a $veNATION holder who is a Genesis Citizen doesn’t renew their lock and allows for the required $veNATION balance to drop, therefore lacking any long-term commitment, the NFT passport would be burned.

It’s important to note that the nature of $veNATION token breaks the barrier to become a Genesis Citizen for those with minimal funds available: because longer-term commitment magnifies veNATION holdings, staking for 4 years would only require 2 $NATION, while staking for 1 year would require 8 $NATION to be eligible for a passport.


As per the bicameral governance system, Genesis Citizens would carry the bulk of the governance responsibility. They would make proposals and decisions within the Nation3 DAO, which would then need to be ratified by $veNATION holders.

Financial incentives

In the future, a separate vote could be proposed for Genesis Citizens to be rewarded through Governance Mining, meaning that they would receive $NATION rewards as long as they meet their governance responsibilities. This is not included in the scope of the current proposal.

The Genesis Citizens would also receive all of the $veNATION financial incentives, as they are by default also $veNATION holders.


The mastermind behind all Nation3 designs, Adri has proposed the below designs for the Genesis NFT Passports, which would also be available in Passbook to ensure compatibility with various services in the future.

Amount of passports to be issued

I propose to limit the Genesis NFT passports to 420 only. Apart from being the magic internet number and resonating with $NATION’s 42069 total supply, it would ensure:

  1. Strong demand for the NFT passport from token economic perspective
  2. Create a sufficiently large, yet manageable initial community of engaged members.


I propose the creation of Genesis NFT passports to define the first ever community of Nation3 citizens. This proposal outlines the governance rights, eligibility criteria, benefits, and financial incentives of holding a Genesis NFT passport.

Please share your thoughts on how many Genesis NFT Passports you think should be created in the first instance. Bear in mind that once the initial community is formed, the DAO can choose to create another tier of NFT passports in the future.

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  • 420
  • 1337

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Please also give some love to your favourite Genesis Passport design!

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support!Support and I will become a citizen


support,and voted
I will become a citizen

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I hope nation will get better and better

Question: How frequently would a $veNATION holder have to renew the lock in order to keep the NFT passport?

money comes to those who do it for love!

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support,and voted
I will become a citizen

Cool! 420 is a great num.

I voted 420. I think 420 is an appropriate number given the upfront supply.

Your airdrop is great, come on

I am very excited about Nation and I think it will be a success. Because it occupies a favorable position at the right time.

A great experiment, glad to be a part of this governance

Right now the idea is that the lock should always be above 2 $veNATION, otherwise anyone can burn the passport. But maybe it would be a good idea to leave a grace period, say of a month, to get the lock above the threshold? That could be enforced by telling everyone that the lock amount should always be above 2 $veNATION, but in practice allowing burning the passport only if the lock amount is {2 * grace_period} (which should be less than 2).


The Genesis Nft Proposal is awesome,

The 420 Passport is also Mostly voted. And Cool.

The Liquidity proposal is also amazing .

I support,and voted

I Want to become a Citizen.
I will become a citizen

Here is my ETH address

Good insight,

There should be a mechanism to avoid all that.

When to issue Genesis NFT Passports?

Great design. Please vote to num.3

awesome… I will become a citizen. cheers

Update: governance proposal is up! Snapshot