🇨🇳 Question to Chinese DAO Members

A lot of Nation3’s members are citizens of China. Probably the vast majority? So it would be useful for everyone else to get your perspectives/insights.

Question: As a person living under the Chinese nation state, what value do you hope Nation3 can bring to your life?


Super curious about this. Would love to see people’s thoughts.

i think the reason of a lot of Chinese members is due to the large amount of Chinese crypto investors. Many of them are attracted by the fake telegram airdrop.

China is a country running a different political system than most of western countries. I wont say which is right which is wrong, but I think joining nation3 community can bring an experience of a public governed country to Chinese members.

However, I used to work as a Chinese community manager of a DAO project. I think most of people will still look for the token speculation other than the system itself.

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actually chinese passport has one of least visa-free destinations, If the nation passport can actually be used to travel, it will be a very interesting experience for chinese passport holders lol


Interesting, thanks for sharing! Do you think it would be possible to build a digital passport used for traveling in the real world? Or does it have to be physical?

There needs to be a mechanism

  • In this mechanism, they cooperate with each other and create DeFi/GameFi/NFT project/DAO
  • They can decide the direction and benefit distribution of their projects by voting
  • Increase transparency and positive feedback as much as possible
  • They are also users of these projects which has been created

In the abstract - everyone needs a trusted collaboration mechanism; any protocol created can be used to serve everyone.

i think it has to be physical, at least i dont think digital passport will work as many countries dont have the system to process it. imagine you want to travel to another country, you have to show the passport. Actually i highly doubt that we can have a usable passport…just it is too complex to deal with govs.

Entity construction will waste a lot of resources. I think it will be more efficient to make an ideal Township in the chain. It would be better for nation3 to make some real things after making a certain market value, at least with greater influence. So now the best opportunity is to develop citizens and market value. To make people free spiritually, we must first relax the economy. The high market value can drive a good internal economy.

We live under a dictatorship, but we yearn for democracy.

@888 Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Can you explain further what you mean by relaxing the economy to free people spiritually?

As a Chinese person, I hope that nation3 brings me:
A radically new national or state narrative, not one kidnapped by Chinese patriotism of “family, country, and world”(家国天下).
I look forward to the day when I can justifiably tell myself and proclaim to others that
I am from Nation3.
And not any other nation-state.

The narrative sounds very abstract, and perhaps identity is a simple expression.

I look forward to this national narrative - which is set against the paradigm shift of economy philosophy technology society. From the material, to the mind, to the community, it can be more liberating. Just as the industrial and internet revolutions have brought progress to man.


Q: As a Chinese person, why do I need a new national narrative?
A: I have observed that there are many lonely souls in China

Every Chinese person is strongly branded as a nation, as if everyone is born to be patriotic and loyal only to China - from birth to death.

I have seen how the natural man is strongly bound to the Chinese culture and conditioned to be a Chinese. A Chinese person must love China or he or she is not a Chinese person, or even a human being. When someone breaks the rules there are forces from the government and individuals that punish or forcefully distort that thought and behavior. As long as your body is in China, you will attract trouble if you engage in any form of insulting or anti-Chinese.


People’s life needs food, clothing, shelter and transportation. In meeting the above conditions, people’s pursuit will yearn for the spiritual level, and creating a cloud country requires a large number of idealists to jointly realize it. The phenomenon in our deep China is that everyone needs the economy to marry and have children, so the talents cultivated are very extreme.

我们不会因为云国改变我们的国籍,但我们所有人都需要另一个干净又美丽的家园,这种事情只会发生在云国一个云端的国家。但是让理想主义者持续贡献自己的创意和理想首先你得保证他不会被焦虑所传递,这种问题的最根本原因是大家都没有经济。所以我说大家需要经济来解放自己的灵魂。让自己的思想得到高度的自由。 因为我本人也在面临同样的问题,我会为了梦想买单同样我需要吃饭。
We will not change our nationality because of cloud country, but we all need another clean and beautiful home. This kind of thing will only happen in cloud country, a cloud country. But let idealists continue to contribute their ideas and ideals. First of all, you have to ensure that they will not be transmitted by anxiety. The most fundamental reason for this problem is that everyone has no economy. So I say we need economy to liberate our souls. Let your thoughts get a high degree of freedom. Because I am facing the same problem myself, I will pay for my dream

Thank you for sharing. This is interesting to read.

If a Chinese citizen one day decides to act with less patriotism, would he/she risk loosing access to certain goods/services provided by the government?

And if so, do you think some of those could be replaced by a Nation3 service?

Question 1 Yes, there is no doubt about it. The reality of the situation is a bit complicated. If it doesn’t go too far, friends and networkers will come before the government and tell you what not to do.
Question 2 I think Nation3 can do better than nation states in basic education, civic media, identification, social security, democratic elections, and skills training. There are already many DAO & web3 applications in different fields that do it. For example, Web3 University, Snapshot, Mirror, CCS, Next, Bit, and Develope are ahead of their time.

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thats a great idea!!!

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In response to Question2, we can create a list of web3 education resources first, as well as a list of different fields. At this stage, it is suggested that those works are voluntary. As for me, I would gladly contribute my efforts.

Hopefully, nation3 citizens will be able to learn more about Web3 by consulting this resource.


I join this project to see something interesting in this boring world. You know the crypto community is full of scams.And most of so-called innovations are nothing more than new Ponzi. I had read Luis’ articles before this project and supported some of his ideas, so was curious how far this idealistic goal “Nation3” could go. You know bitcoin and ethereum were also originally designed to change the economic and even political structure of society, not for selling at high prices into fiat to make money.I don’t particularly care about money rewards from this project.And I think physical passports is very difficult to realize.
As for the Chinese identity, it’s not much different except that Chinese people don’t speak English as well as native speakers. Why the Chinese get most of the airdrops?I don’t think political reasons have much weight in this, it’s more economic.Chinese love money, not to mention it’s free money.Mainly because airdrops is popular in China crypto community than others.

As you know, china banned crypto years ago and it’s not a crypto friendly city. same as my city HK. i hope nation3 can help to develop a new group of ppl.


As a friend above said, China banned cryptocurrencies a few years ago, can nation provide corresponding services, cooperate with other exchanges, hold passports, conduct kyc services, use nation passports, because there are many projects that do not allow China People to participate, need passport kyc