Reputation for Nation3 citizens

I am the founder of Karma, a reputation system for web3 users. I believe our system can be useful to Nation3 community (for potentially NationCred score).

We aggregate contributor activity across forum, discord, snapshot, on-chain voting contracts (more integrations in the works) and allow community to assign weights based on the importance and calculate a reputation score. You can see reputation scores for different timeframes like month, 6 month, year, lifetime. All this data is aggregated and exposed through API and can also be accessed on our website. Everything is hosted on our end, so you don’t have to run any instances yourselves. Contributors get their own profiles like Karma profile - lefteris.eth

We even have our forum plugin that shows all the user’s stats/citizen score inside the forum. We are adding lot more features. Some of the DAOs we work with are ENS, Gitcoin, Idle and so on.

I have a number of ideas how we can be of helpful to you and help your achieve this incredible mission. Let me know if you are interested to discuss.


Very interesting! I was thinking of how we could build some sort of citizen directory where citizens could see each other’s $veNATION balance, votes in proposals, contact info, etc.

Looks somewhat similar to what you guys are building. Would you be ok with hosting some sort of community call with Nation3 contributors to showcase Karma, and we can also chat about our needs?

Also, how do you see Karma as compared to SourceCred? We are heavy SourceCred users, but unfortunately the fate of the project seems to be dark.

This sounds interesting.

As @luis proposes, let’s have a call together.

Thanks @luis and @0xGallego. I would be glad to host a call and show what we have built and how we can be helpful. Do you have regular community calls where I can join and demo or should we set up a separate call? Either is fine, let me know what works for you all.

In some ways we are similar to sourcecred and in many ways we are different.

  1. You don’t have to spin up and run the instance, it’s all web based
  2. All contributor data is exposed through API and can be integrated into your application as well
  3. We have integrations with Discourse, Discord, Snapshot, On-chain contracts (if you have voting), POAPs, Github (coming in next 3 weeks).
  4. Weights assigned to these metrics are fully customizable. Forum has tons of customization depending on type of post (proposal, general discussion, which category the post was in, likes received, post length and so on)
  5. We don’t have the concept of grain and cred built into our product. It can be done by leveraging our API, we are happy to build this functionality if this is a critical component .

Please let me know when would be a good time to chat. Thanks!

I would set up a separate call open to contributors. Ping me on Nation3 Discord xPi2#6035 to organize it.