Solar Guild Q4 22-Q1 23 report

The first Solar Guild formation proposal was formally approved on 6th of Jan 2023.

It was initially established as a 6 months proposal, comprising Q1-Q2 of 2023, although only 25% of the proposal has been funded to date.

Roadmap completion


  • Started off with the team composed by Anastasiya, 0xGallego and Luis.
  • Onboarded 1 full-time contributor to lead frontend + product design, Gordo.
  • Onboarded 1 full-time contributor to lead brand design, Adri.
  • Incorporated a legal entity in Estonia.

Constitution β€” 100% completed :white_check_mark:

Objective: Work alongside legal professionals (by kickstarting the Legal Guild) to draft a Constitution for Nation3, making sure it adheres to the Manifesto and to the technical implementation of the DAO and Court.

Key Result: A successful Meta governance proposal to enact the proposed Constitution and replace the current governance process.

Status: Done.

Court β€” 100% completed :white_check_mark:

Objective: Deploy Nation3 Court (as detailed in this spec) on mainnet, together with UIs for users and judges to interact with it.

Key Result: Nation3 Court on mainnet securing assets worth more than 10 BTC.

Status: Nation3 Court is deployed, together with UIs for users and judges to interact with it. It’s securing ~16 BTC as of now.

Standard passports β€” 0% completed :x:

Objective: Research and converge on one design for the Nation3 Standard Passports that plays well with the existing Genesis Passports, the Court and NationCred. Launch it.

Key Result: A successful set of governance proposals implementing and launching Standard Passports.

Status: A first approximation is being made on the design for standard passports. However, we believe it’s not a priority and efforts should be directed towards Nation3 agreements.

Guardian Guild β€” 30% completed :soon:

Objective: Help form the Guardian Guild as described here.

Key Result: A successful Meta governance proposal (or equivalent) to form the Guardian Guild, outlining the first members as well as the process for future elections.

Status: One guardian (Raymond applied), two to go.

App revamp & monorepo β€” 10% completed :soon:

Objective: Integrate all Nation3 apps under the same UI while keeping individually ownable codebases. Structuring the apps as modular libraries that can be easily maintained and used for fast prototyping.

Key Result: Monorepo of visual and logic components for all current apps of the Nation3 ecosystem with storybook and usage documentation. Single Nation3 App to give access to all things Nation3 under the same UI.

Status: Getting started with design.

Billing & infrastructure β€” 100% completed :white_check_mark:

Objective: Maintain and cover costs for Nation3 key infrastructure that requires a legal entity and a traditional payment method to operate.

Key Result: Apps, forum hosting, Discord server boosting, development and other tools maintained by the Solar Guild legal entity.

Status: Done.

Brand & recognition β€” 0% completed :soon:

Objective: Increase recognition as a sovereign cloud nation and increase Nation3 brand power through social media, events, and communications.

Key Result: Increase Twitter following, website visits, and Discord membership by 30%.

Status: Will start after onboarding of design and business development/ecosystem contributor.

Community β€” 0% completed :soon:

Objective: Maintain regular virtual avenues for community interactions, such as Social Circles, the Agora, and State of the Nation community calls (or others). Introduce in-person avenues for community interactions, such as side-events at big crypto conferences, or Nation3 embassies.

Key Result: Increase conversion from community members to citizens, and from citizens to active citizens (according to NationCred or other metric if introduced by Research Guild) by 30%.

Status: Will start after onboarding of design and business development/ecosystem contributor.

Rate of completion

(100+100+0+30+10+100+0+0)/8 = 42.5

The absolute rate of completion of this first proposal is 42.5%, assuming all deliverables would be weighted equally.

The rate of completion relative to time (the proposal was for 6 months and we are 3 months in) is 85%.


The guild received 92.5k USDC in funding in January.

As of now this budget has covered:

  • 3 months of team compensation β€” $76k.
  • 6 months of services for the DAO β€” $3,060.
  • Other operational expenses.

Solar Guild would like to receive an additional grant of 30,336 USDC to cover March, and finalize the proposal formally approved on the 6th of January 2023.

Next steps

The Solar Guild aims to close off this proposal and create a new one with more detailed deliverables focused on:

  • Getting Nation3 agreements to product-market fit.
  • Incorporating more committed jurisdictional amendments, such as removing veNATION holders as ratifiers or allowing the Nation3 DAO to directly govern the Supreme Court Multisig and the Guardian Guild.
  • Revamping the Nation3 web app.

The new proposal will include more flexibility for the DAO, the Guardian Guild and Solar Guild to agree on changes to deliverables over time, which is very needed in the early stages we are at!