Submission of candidacy - D Zaman

I, Diana Zaman understand, and agree to enter into, the agreement with the Nation3 DAO to fulfil my role as a Judge in the Supreme Court of Nation3, should I be elected by community vote.

Hi people, you will find my candidacy to become a Surpreme Court Judge of Nation3 as follows!

I am currently on track to finish my state exams and become a certified lawyer the coming year in Germany. In the past years, I’ve worked at one of Germany’s top corporate law firms, among other things, as a paralegal focusing on legal research. For about a year now, I’ve been involved with a fairly well-known German Legal Tech company. I am lucky enough to note that both the law firm as well as the Legal Tech company were, compared to their success, quite small in size which has allowed many 1 on 1 situations for me to get educated. Additionally, I have fulfilled internships at German courts and in migration and criminal law. Also, I’ve been involved in non-traditional political work ever since I was a teenager and was initially hoping to make a significant impact on a structural level through my profession, which is why I went into law.

As far as my web3 experience goes, I started my journey about 1.5 years ago. After starting to understand the potential to replace and improve some of our current society’s fundamentals, I decided to learn and get involved in this world (thanks to Web3 for making it easy to do both things at the same time!), experimenting with dApps and protocols like ENS, and joining DAOs like Surge Women DAO - as a rather quiet member.

I’m really excited to become part of a DAO like Nation3 where all these building blocks of Web3 can be put together to experiment and try to build alternatives to the current way the world is built. Even if I think that they have been useful for their time, I don’t believe they are suitable anymore for our digital world.
Especially the last years have been, while exciting and full of teachings, incredibely sobering in this matter. I’ve seen how our traditional legal framework and, tied to that, our nation states have been failing to cater to everybody’s needs adequately and just have not been fulfilling the duties to which they subscribe themselves to. I believe it’s time to loosen the imprint that centuries of traditional nation states have left in our minds and work on solutions together which fulfill our needs in the digital world.

This is why even more I am so intrigued by the Nation3 DAO and happy to see such a project emerge. I am super excited to partake in it, give my input but also surely learn a ton!


Hi! Could you provide the Ethereum address that you would like to use for judge duties (in case of getting elected)? It should be the same one that you used to become a Nation3 citizen.

Hi, yes of course!

This is my ENS farahjan.eth and it resolves to this Ethereum address: 0x18D3ed5261F23cF0CDfbCf0512123b179b0816F0

It’s the same address that I used for my Nation3 citizenship.

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