Submission of Candidacy - Gianluca Cattin

I, Gianluca Cattin understand, and agree to enter into, the agreement with the Nation3 DAO to fulfil my role as a Judge in the Supreme Court of Nation3, should I be elected by community vote.

Currently, I’m in my last year of Law School in Lima, Perú. About my legal experience, I’ve worked as an intern in a local law firm focused on law & technology, and in the legal area of a Peruvian bank (BCP). As a law student, I’ve participated in multiple arbitration moot courts and Model United Nations conferences – back then I was very passionate about international law, and I even considered becoming a diplomat (until I found out about this thing called crypto).

Regarding my web3 experience, I’ve been a contributor to LexDAO for over a year now, having the opportunity to lead Curia - LexDAO’s on-chain ADR project, for which I also wrote our litepaper, and working as BizDev for Kali - a DAO deployer + legal wrapper built by LexDAO legal engineers. This has been an amazing experience for me as a law student since I learned quite a lot about arbitration and US corporate law, plus I also met amazing lawyers, devs and law students from around the world.

Apart from this, I’m:

  • A core contributor to L2 en Español (L2 in Spanish), a community where we educate Spanish-speaking people on L2 scaling solutions (ORUs, ZKRs, etc.).
  • Part of Seed Latam’s/DeFi Latam delegation to MakerDAOs governance.

Based on my experience, I firmly believe that current governments, or even the whole concept of what a nation-state is, remain relatively primitive, so I’m very excited to see how we can reshape this concept and build stronger institutions than our ancestors, in a truly transparent, democratic and decentralized way.


Hi! Could you provide the Ethereum address that you would like to use for judge duties (in case of getting elected)? It should be the same one that you used to become a Nation3 citizen.


sure! 0xC316f415096223561e2077c30A26043499d579aD

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