Submission of Candidacy. - María Castillo

“I, María Castillo understand, and agree to enter into the agreement with the Nation3 DAO to fulfill my role as a Judge in the Supreme Court of Nation3, should community vote elect me”

Hello everyone, here is my submission to be a Supreme Court Judge at Nation3.

Legal qualifications: I’m a Mexican registered lawyer with 10 years of experience in corporate law, intellectual property, alternative dispute resolution, and technology.

Relevant legal experience: In my early years as a lawyer I worked in a courthouse dedicated to tax law, then decided to go into private law and became the legal consultant for a design agency, here I practiced corporate, tax, and intellectual property law, the last one becoming my main expertise.
After some years in the agency and a brief incursion in a notary Office, I opened my law firm specializing in IP.
In more recent years I started to work in mediation, working alongside the Centro de Justicia Alternativa, which is the organism in charge of alternative dispute resolution in my State, where I helped to implement new ways to make mediation more accessible for the people and the use of technology to accomplish that.
Because of the pandemic, and my new free time, I decided to learn about technologies that were interesting to me, like Cybersecurity and Blockchain, and looking into the tremendous potential of the latter, it is here that I decided to work full-time in this amazing realm.
Currently, I’m the founder and CEO of Peace Keepers a dispute resolution system for blockchain, a legal advisor and legal lead for different projects as well as the inclusion lead in others.

I would love to become a Judge in Nation3 because this is one of the few projects that are really gonna make an impact in Web3 and I want to be here helping that to happen.

Thank you for considering me.

María Castillo.


Hi! Could you provide the Ethereum address that you would like to use for judge duties (in case of getting elected)? It should be the same one that you used to become a Nation3 citizen.

Hi, sure!
Here it is:


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