Submission of Candidacy

I, Ezanne Tessendorf understand, and agree to enter into, the agreement with the Nation3 DAO to fulfil my role as a Judge in the Supreme Court of Nation3, should I be elected by community vote”

I am a South African qualified lawyer, spending the majority of my time in Employment law as in-house legal advisor and dispute resolution specialist for Africa’s largest Employer’s Organization. Prior to this role, I worked in practice in general civil law, commercial law and debt collection. Throughout my career, I have lectured Labour Law and Commercial Law at the University of the Free State in South Africa.

At the latter institution, I obtained an LLB and an LLM (with specialization in Labour Law), the latter of which I obtained cum laude. Currently, I am working as an International HR Manager for a web3 startup, and have taken up another LLM from Humboldt University in Berlin, focussing on International Arbitration. I have also acted as a Legal Advisor and Researcher for MoonDAO, focusing on contract formation, security risks, lottery risks, etc.


Hi! Could you provide the Ethereum address that you would like to use for judge duties (in case of getting elected)? It should be the same one that you used to become a Nation3 citizen.