Terms to sign to become a citizen

It’s quite important to make sure that citizens agree to some common terms to be bound by in order to become citizens. Ideally they would agree to the nation’s constitution, but since we don’t have one yet (and it makes sense to wait and create it together with our fellow citizens), I propose the following:

By becoming a Nation3 citizen, I hereby agree to recognize Nation3 as its own jurisdiction, that no other government or jurisdiction has authority or sovereignty over. I hereby acknowledge and agree that all disputes within the Nation3 DAO, Nation3 community or in regards to Nation3 will be resolved using a dispute resolution protocol at discretion of the Nation3 DAO. I agree to discharge the Nation3 DAO or any other parties involved with Nation3 from litigation in any other jurisdiction other than Nation3 itself.

This achieves two things:

  1. Gives some recognition to Nation3 as a sovereign entity.
  2. Sets a hypothetical dispute resolution system (maybe Nation3 court: A backbone to bootstrap a circular economy by increasing trust between citizens) as the arbitration court in case of dispute.
  3. Provides the Nation3 DAO with some legal guarantees when it comes to being sued in a trad country.

Again this is a very minimal agreement and we should extend it over time, but just wanted to share it as a starting point. It’s been approved by an attorney already.


I would very much like to be a citizen


This is a good start :+1:

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Very good suggestion, I agree。

The constitution is very interesting and can avoid disputes to the greatest extent, but how to ensure that the constitution must be implemented and how to amend the constitution? All in all very fun! !

I totally agree with this issue.

i like “Provides the Nation3 DAO with some legal guarantees when it comes to being sued in a trad country.”

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I think this is a great start and foundation to build upon.

totally agree with that❤️

The Constitution is necessary, but more substance is needed.

  1. The provisions of the constitution need to reflect the vision and attitude

  2. As much as possible to avoid possible future legal risks of the entity (this requires consultation with a lawyer and the lawyer needs to have experience in Crypto related aspects)

3, the need for a mechanism to amend the constitution

“Provides the Nation3 DAO with some legal guarantees when it comes to being sued in a trad country.” I LIKE THIS

The pledge nation3 will become citizens

I was part of a DAO making DAO’s back in 2018. We ended up hiring some of the best lawyers in the world from Switzerland and they said that without a legal framework, other nations would place us in a Partnership with Unlimited Liability; meaning all members could be sued for actions of the DAO, even going after our personal property.

Thankfully last year the US state of Wyoming passed legislation that recognizes DAOs as fully legal entities with Limited Liability protection.

Long term, we want to stand on our own two legs being fully sovereign. However, realistically that’s not something other trad nations are going to recognize yet.

what if
Short term: we could incorporate a DAO entity in Wyoming to give us legal protection.
Long term: become fully self sovereign with our own land(s) that citizens can domicile themselves in.

Sounds really cool, come on, go to a better future.