The second batch of nation token airdrops

In the interest of nation market and community. I suggest that we can delay the second batch of airdrops’ claiming for 3 months. Make a proposal for that will be good. what do you guys think.


I agree when it comes to new drops, however when it comes to the people that did write their ENS address but didn’t receive the tokens, I think it’s fair to give it to them ASAP.


Very good advice,will support this proposal

Can’t agree with more. the reason why they dare not to buy is that they know the second bunch of airdrops dumping will come after 27.

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I agree very much. What remains must be our loyal citizens.

Very supportive of such a proposal, the consensus of citizens will be gradually stimulated in such behavior

done already。this is a long-term enterprise

But For some of us,
That airdrop will me the world.

We want to be Citizens of the Nation

Я бы ещё подумал над тем , что большое количество рефералов могут дать только дети и школьники . Но я не думаю что зрелых людей стоит отталкивать этим .