What do we need to do in a specific direction

  • I don’t think we have a clear enough goal right now or in the long term. Building our nation on the cloud is too ambitious, not impossible, but we need to do something now. Will anyone step up?

There is one Nation3 VC twitter. https://twitter.com/Nation3VC

But I am not sure whether it’s one service of the nation3.

There is an official document called Thesis that outlines the visouon of nation3 as a VC entity and investment DAO. Unfortunately, I lost the link and can’t find it anywhere.

Anyone can share the link?

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@killtheboy If you, personally, had to select only one product/service for us to build first, what would it be?

We are very concerned about nation 3. We want to know the division of labor of the team, the specific progress and whether we can disclose more information.

@killtheboy Keep in mind that in a DAO you oftentimes don’t have leaders telling you what to do. The leadership is usually flat rather than hierarchical. This means that you can decide for yourself what you would like to work on, and check if other members of the DAO share your opinion. If so, you can form a guild around your idea, and start working on it.

I recommend you read Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) | ethereum.org


OK, thank you. I’ll read these

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Very valid points, agree 100% that there’s a need for clear task-management and goals for the community to be able to meaningfully contribute.

Setting this up is what the core team is prioritising now!