A discussion on animal rights

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce a discussion here from the discord regarding animal rights, and hopefully work towards an improved declaration of animal rights.

After having a chance to read over the UDAR as adapted for the Nation3 constitution, a few people have pointed out some issues that arise from some of the language used. While the UDAR is adequate for the time being, we have the opportunity to create a replacement that might improve upon previous efforts.

There are a lot of questions that will need to be raised and answered in this process. To that end I have found it useful to have a framework to work from.


Starting from the UDAR (linked above), along with reading through a number of the other international efforts, it becomes clear that these efforts were limited by factors that do not necessarily apply to us. We are free to choose our constraints for ourselves.

Considering the ambiguity of the language used in other models, I have produced a rough v1 of an animal rights declaration that will hopefully help highlight points that we would like to address.



Animal(s) - For the purposes of this document “Animal” shall mean any/all sentient, nonhuman animal(s)

Declaration of Intent -

While humans are animals and a part of nature, we have transcended the boundaries of our natural existence. Therefore it is necessary that we acknowledge the power we possess, and use that power responsibly for the benefit of our entire ecosystem.

We acknowledge that human suffering is an injustice, and that many animals have a similar capacity for suffering. Therefore it is incumbent upon us to endeavor to reduce animal suffering as we would for our fellow humans.

(Statement of Rights)

Inherent Rights of Animals -

The Right of Survival

Life is the struggle against death, and as such all animals (including humans) are born with an instinct to survive. Arising from this is the natural right to life, or the right to fight for survival.

The Rights of Predator and Prey

It is the way of nature that all animals (including humans) are either predator and/or they are prey. It is the right of all animals to seek their food by whatever means nature provides. It is also the right of all animals to resist predation by any means at their disposal.

Rights bestowed by humans-

  1. No animal shall be intentionally killed without just cause.
  2. No animal shall be inflicted unnecessary suffering.
  3. No animal shall be harmed, mutilated or killed for human pleasure.
  4. No animal shall be deprived of food or water nor forcefully fed for the gain of humans.
  5. No animal shall be kept in inhumane circumstances, except as is absolutely necessary to preserve their life.
  6. No animal shall be made to participate in demeaning performances.
  7. No animal shall be subjected to breeding practices that violate their nature.
  8. No animal under human care shall be neglected or abandoned.
  9. No wild animal shall be deprived of its natural habitat.

While this effort isn’t suitable for a final product, its framework will hopefully allow for ease of modification, to play with configurations to see what works, and eventually perhaps offer insight to a final build.

There are a few notable absences in this version, zoos have not been addressed yet, animal testing would probably be prohibited but is not directly dealt with and simulated violence against animals in media is currently not included. A few things that are addressed to some degree are; sentient animals are placed above non sentient ones, the parasite issue is covered by the natural rights, a possible take on the right to life, and certain practices involving crossbreeding and the like would be prohibited. Exceptions have been included throughout to leave open the door for necessary actions, for example you can force feed an animal if that is a prescribed treatment for an ailment.

It is my hope that we will be able to create a new standard for animal rights together. I would love to hear from everybody to know what you all think. What should be included? Where are spots that could be abused?

As a quick aside, I want to say that the team has done a fantastic job on the constitution, great work and I know we all look forward to what’s next!

I still have a number of useful links to reading material if anyone would like, however I am limited on the number of links i can include, so if you would like them please feel free to ask.