A List of Nation3 Systems/Services/Accounts

All systems/services/accounts under the Nation3 brand:

@0xGallego Anything missing in this list that you can think of?

Also DAO aggregators:

@0xGallego We should also make the website (https://nation3.org) open source on GitHub. Can you help us add the source code to a GitHub repo?

Progress Update

Nation3 admin access handed over so far:


:white_check_mark: GitHub organization
:white_check_mark: Dework


:white_check_mark: Coordinape
:white_check_mark: Supabase (for Mobile Passport)


:white_check_mark: writings.nation3.eth
:white_check_mark: Clarity


:white_check_mark: Safe Multisig

@greg Can you help us gain admin access to the @nation3 organization and its packages? - https://www.npmjs.com/package/@nation3/*