Charting a New Course - A Roadmap for Nation3's Pivot

Fellow citizens,

To many of us, it’s been clear for a while that we need a pivot. As much as we had hoped to rapidly build a new network state. The reality is, we were so focused on the state that we forgot the state is an emergent property of the network

Our goal is ambitious, however, I believe we can find a path forward that is achievable and moves us, and all network states in the right direction.

In this post, I want to outline some ideas for how we can recalibrate and start realizing Nation3’s potential more methodically. This will require input and initiative from all of us. Here are some initial thoughts:

1. Shift to an Iterative Approach

I saw this meme in a meeting last week and it really exemplifies how we are trying to build Nation3 right now! Rather than trying to build out an entire legal system and nation-state infrastructure from scratch, we should take an iterative approach. This means focusing on building atomic, building blocks that work on their own and what ever stage of becoming a state we currently are. Most importantly we test our assumptions in the real world without stacking them up like a house of cards

Jurisdiction Protocol

Instead of building systems of Law for others to follow. Enable anyone to build sovereign and composable courts. The protocol stays unopinionated about who the arbitrators are, and how the courts charge, The protocol is simply the creating of Agreements and the routing of disputes. The security and sustainability risks are not protocol-level risks, they are issues for the courts themselves. They do not require central planning to solve and realistically, they are only issues if the network grows.

Kudos to the solar guild, especially @0xGallego the Jurisdiction repo is well thought out and designed, if you want to look at some real beautiful solidity you should check it out.
There is not much work to turn it into the protocol outlined above

Passports 2.0

A Sybil-resistant Identity system for verified citizens (think Gitcoin Passport). This can upgrade our passports with Sybil resistance unlocking 1 person 1 vote. Another big win is the possibility of specialised courts while allowing judges to remain pseudonymous. Particular courts could be created with judges that have to have the correct attestation etc

Disputable Voting Plugins

Earlier this year we did a massive token swap with Aragon to “to make DeLaw happen and superpower DAOs.” Disputable voting plugins will do just that, enabling proposals to be challenged if they are not aligned with the DAOs shared values. Ironically, if we had disputable voting ourselves the DAO would not be in such a precarious situation

Unlocking sybil resistant 1 person 1 vote voting would be a game changer for us, and supercharge DAOs generally, Coupled with a protocol to hear those disputes and passports with utility. This would be a great base to aim towards

2. Offer Services to Other Network State Projects

Rather than competing with other projects and trying to build a moat, we should build bridges with all other projects trying to build network states, we should collaborate with them. We can offer our identity, governance and legal building blocks for them to utilize as we all work towards aligned goals.

This approach allows us to jointly solve common problems, demonstrate value, and gain momentum much faster than in isolation. We can target partnerships with impactful projects in the space.

3. Build a Thriving Community

Ultimately, Nation3’s success hinges on having an engaged community of contributors pushing it forward. All of the projects I mentioned will not by themselves equate to the growth of Nation3. Its infrastructure. I am not sure how to solve this problem, but part of it must mean that we are not so inwardly looking. It may be higher leverage if we were to target other Network States, what are their problems, and what technological solutions they need. Maybe instead catering solely to sovereign individuals, we should focus on building a network of network states

Wrapping Up

These are just some ideas on how we can get Nation3 moving in the right direction again. I welcome your thoughts and feedback! This will need to be a collaborative effort. Also, there are many other ideas like

  • turning Nation Cred into a proper product
  • creating a NATION stablecoin
  • building out a marketplace

Whatever we do next, it requires taking this new bottoms-up and partnership-driven approach. This will get us back on a trajectory toward fulfilling Nation3’s immense potential. It won’t be easy, but by focusing on the basics and working together, we can build this. Onward!
Rather than trying to build out an entire legal system and nation-state infrastructure from scratch, we should take a bottoms-up approach. This means focusing on building modular, reusable and intentionally fork-able components.