Electing the first Supreme Court Multisig

The deployed Arbitrator contract at 0x1dBEFF62DFa113f7254AaB5772F1AC6E66F94e7e grants permission to the Supreme Court Multisig at 0xee8F0B89983aF83598E6Fb503B9f6e5eaf23b243 to propose outcomes.

The proposed Supreme Court Multisig is composed of the following judges:

  • Matt Blaine, 0xECa5e3CE0774372e71cE9b3675CB07c6677C2d52
  • Eric Hill (Rotorless), 0xD83551B29d0DA46C9b6d105EF359E23aaF46e764
  • Diana Zaman, 0x18D3ed5261F23cF0CDfbCf0512123b179b0816F0 (farahjan.eth)
  • Jose Nuno, 0xEE72d1fC34D031eD08175ED6c3CD6171B2477501
  • Gianluca Cattin, 0xC316f415096223561e2077c30A26043499d579aD (cattin.eth)

The PR that will set the Arbitrator Contract Address in the Constitution is at Setting Arbitrator Address by luisivan · Pull Request #38 · nation3/gov-proposals · GitHub as well as the PR for the DAO to join the agreement with these judges Adding N3GOV-33 by luisivan · Pull Request #39 · nation3/gov-proposals · GitHub.