Integrate $NATION as a payment method into web3 freelancing platform HYVE

I will briefly describe my proposal, and if there is any interest, I can detail more.
I have contacted you on behalf of HYVE - a web3 freelancing platform. Right now we are adding multiple payment methods and integrating more blockchains and tokens so that we have a wide portfolio for companies and people who want to pay freelancers in a specific token.

I would propose to integrate $NATION as a payment method. Would that interest the team?

We are live on ETH, BSC, MATIC, and FTM, launching the AVAX blockchain on our platform and others in the queue.

I am relatively new to NATION3, so this might not be entirely correct.

I do not see the value alignment of using $NATION token as a payment method on a free lance 3rd party platform just yet without an established advantage other than payment.

My question would be why do you think NATION token should be a payment option on HYVE platform?

Both communities will benefit from the partnership.

If a $NATION holder wants to hire someone for a simple task, it can use the HYVE platform in order to do that and pay them directly in $NATION without having to exchange for another stable or altcoin.

It will increase the token utility and spread the word about it.