N3GOV-62: Stream Tokens From Sablier to DAO Agents

As a security measure, transfer the $NATION tokens from the DAO Agent and DAO Critical Agent to linear Sablier streams.

This governance vesting will reduce the risk of attacks on our Aragon OSx agents because it will be impossible for an attacker to access 100% of the tokens, even if executing a malicious proposal to withdraw all tokens.

DAO Critical Agent

  • Lock 25,000 $NATION

DAO Agent

  • Lock 8,333 $NATION

These two combined represent 33,333 $NATION (~79%) of the total token supply.


  • Linearly vest over 2 years: stream 4,167 $NATION per quarter
  • Linearly vest over 3 years: stream 2,778 $NATION per quarter
  • Linearly vest over 4 years: stream 2,083 $NATION per quarter
  • Linearly vest over 5 years: stream 1,667 $NATION per quarter