N3GOV-63: Airstream 33.33% of Token Supply to $ANT Holders

Using a Sablier Airstream, create a vested airdrop to holders of the Aragon Network Token ($ANT).

Set aside 1/3 of the total $NATION token supply to vest $ANT holders. Each stream will start vesting only when the recipient claims it from the airstream campaign, and the vesting period will be 1 year. The $ANT holders will get 3 months to claim their airstream. Unclaimed airstreams will be returned to the Nation3 DAO.

There are 12,080 $ANT holders as of today. So 14,023 $NATION tokens evenly distributed per account would equal ~1.16 $NATION per $ANT holder.

The ethos of the Nation3 Manifesto is that we need to re-imagine nation states so that people can enjoy increased freedom, wealth and fairness. This is in many ways similar to the Aragon Manifesto. So this airstream is a way to include people who are ideologically aligned with what we are trying to do at Nation3.