Nation3 Flag Campaign to Activate the Community and Allocate 50 of the Remaining Genesis Passports


We’ve all been busy building and focusing on the fundamentals the past few months. This has resulted in:

  • the release of the most robust governance system DAOs have ever seen;
  • implementation of passports-in-passbook, which allows push notifications and, alongside the ‘designated-signer’ feature contributes to seamless governance experience;
  • the issuance of the first ever cloud nation bond;
  • a framework for interconnected, reusable legal agreements;
  • the introduction of Nation3 North Star metrics;
  • the approaching release of the Nation3 Court
  • the currently-forming Solar Guild and emerging efforts to introduce UBI for Nation3 Citizens

For a nation that has only existed for months, I’d say that’s a hell of a progress! But head-down building aside for a second, it’s time to make some noise in the community :fire: :heart:

Alongside community activation activities I proposed in my previous post, that we are already underway with (eg see the newly established Nation3 Writer’s Guild to make our voice louder), I’d like to propose a Twitter campaign designed to activate and re-energise the wider community.


  • create excitement and re-activate the community
  • run a viral campaign flying the Nation3 flag
  • allocate 50 of the remaining Genesis Passports (and re-ignite interest in the remaining ones)
  • gain a larger amount of people that acknowledge Nation3 as a sovereign nation
  • all while avoiding bots and mercenaries and focusing on truly committed community members

Campaign Description

The campaign would be focused on individuals posting the following tweet, including an image of the Nation3 flag, for a chance to get a Genesis Passport of Nation3 (see below for additional requirements)

I, anastasiyab.eth, hereby plant the flag of @Nation3DAO to recognise it as a #SovereignNation, and aspire to become a Genesis Citizen.


To ensure that we only target aligned community members, and not mercenaries or bots, the following restrictions should apply:

  • only holders of tokens of whitelisted DAOs are eligible
  • have an ENS name
  • only 50 addresses would be chosen randomly to receive the reward
  • the selected winners would be required to stake 0.5 $NATION for 4 years, to qualify for the reward of 1.5 $NATION distributed in locked form as a ‘top up’ of their existing locks. This will allow them to claim a Genesis Passport, effectively with a 75% discount.


The tweets can be reviewed by typing “.eth #sovereignnation” into the search box. This avoids over reliance on Twitter API that caused problems in the past. Eligible ENS addresses will be noted.
The whitelisted DAO token ownership can be checked through Guild, and matching addresses can be exported.
Then we cross check the ENS names from Twitter with those approved by Guild, and come up with 50.

The requirement to have a lock with 0.5 $NATION staked for 4 years: both having the lock before the competition started, and creating one within 48h after being selected as a ‘winner’ qualifies.

$NATION budget

In the current form, the campaign would require 1.5*50 = 75 $NATION (or 0.18% of total supply) to be set aside for distribution. It’s worth highlighting, however, that this $NATION would be locked in the users’ addresses for 4 years, so it would not directly enter the market or create selling pressure.

North Star Metric

This proposal aims to advance the North Star Metric target of 50 active citizens by the end of Q4 2022.

The campaign raises awareness about Nation3 on Twitter, as well as directly onboards 50 more citizens into the DAO. Moreover, since the campaign requires that participants are members of other aligned DAOs, as well as requires them to put up a financial stake (0.5 $NATION locked for 4 years), it serves as a proxy for selecting citizens who are more likely to be active and involved.

This is the pull request on the governance repo with the actual proposal.


Is this technically possible? because the locked token can not be transferred. But the passport giveaway is still a great way to get attention. Thanks a lot!

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So what we cannot do is create the lock for someone else, but we can top up the lock. That’s why the requirement would be that they lock up some $NATION first, and then the DAO can add locked tokens.

checked this with @0xGallego on the technical front

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actively participate in

support this campaign

I thought the event was very good. The details of the event were well thought out. Thanks for the design and planning. I will vote yes when we get to the voting section.

White list how to obtain, is pledged 0.5 nation?

I agree. It feels good

If your question is about how the whitelist of DAOs is obtained, this will be also community decided. I’ll make a separate proposal for DAOs to include in the whitelist, so that the community can choose!

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For whitelisted DÃO … does ProofOfHumanity.ID qualify?!

In my view - absolutely @herbstephens! Will propose it to be in that list for sure.

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I really like the proposal and I think it can help onboard more citizens that really care, all while spreading the word which will help Nation3 reach even more future citizens that will care.

The bear market has had a negative impact on passport issuance, which ultimate means that it gets harder to onboard more citizens, which is somewhat of a proxy to active citizens. It’s hard to get to 50 active citizens if we only have 170.

In financial terms, I’d reduce the amount of passports to 50. Still a big number, so I think it will still inspire people to participate, all while reducing the financial footprint of this proposal by half.


Good suggestion regarding reducing the amount of passports for the campaign to 50. The effect will likely be the same, but less expenditure for the DAO. Will update the proposal and move it to a governance vote!

@anastasiya This might cause problems because many winners will not actually go through with staking 0.5 $NATION for 4 years, even after having been selected as a winner.

when to start??great