⚙️ OpsGuild Funding Proposal

:gear: OpsGuild Funding Proposal

Proposal to fund DAO operations and maintenance.


The Nation3 DAO has technical and non-technical tools and systems that need to be operated and maintained on a regular basis. At the moment the DAO has not allocated any budget for such work, so this proposal aims to correct that.

While other proposals focus on one-off projects, this proposal is for recurring tasks, typically weekly or monthly recurring work.

Weekly/Monthly Recurring Tasks

Some examples of the types of operational/maintenance tasks needed to keep the DAO operational are (a non-extensive list):

Technical Operational/Maintenance Tasks

  • Maintenance of SourceCred, e.g. fixing problems with weekly grain distribution
  • Oversee weekly SourceCred Grain Distribution
  • Maintenance of backend systems like Vercel, Supabase, Apple pass push notifications, and others
  • Maintenance of GitHub repos (keeping dependencies and settings/configurations up to date)
  • Oversee weekly generation of NationCred datasets
  • Ensure that the NationCred smart owner account holds enough funds for its weekly operations
  • Oversee automated SourceCred identity/alias creation for new Nation3 citizens/contributors
  • Debug/fix app/UI bugs
  • Reviewing and testing of pull requests in GitHub
  • Aragon DAO Agent operations ($veNATION holders)
  • +++

Non-Technical Operational/Maintenance Tasks

  • Organize community calls
  • Onboarding new DAO community members
  • Onboarding of new citizens (welcome ceremony? :smile:)
  • Assisting community members with questions in Discord/Discourse
  • Review and give feedback on proposals in the governance forum
  • Move proposals from the governance forum to Snapshot for voting
  • Weekly payouts (via Parcel) of SourceCred Grain Distributions and contributor rewards
  • OpsGuild multisig maintenance (formerly “MetaGuild” multisig) - reviewing and signing transactions
  • Coordinate Dework workers, and maintain Dework tasks/bounties
  • Discord maintenance (channels, roles, permissions, bots, spam, etc)
  • Document frequently asked questions
  • Keep wiki and documentation up to date
  • Streamline onboarding process for different categories of Nation3 citizens
  • +++


0.78125 $NATION per week.

Duration: 3 months (Monday April 17 → Monday July 17).


Any Nation3 citizen (NFT passport holder) willing to contribute their time.

Contribution Rewards

Contribution rewards will be paid out at the end of each weekly epoch. If, during a week, there were no operations/maintenance tasks needed, no $NATION tokens will be paid out for that week.

Governance Pull Request

// soon

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Hey there!

Thank you for submitting your proposal. While I appreciate your good faith, I will again have to oppose this proposal.

As you may recall, there was a previous funding proposal for the Developers Guild very similar to this that ultimately did not meet expectations, and we shouldn’t to repeat that same mistake. Additionally, I have concerns about the current proposal’s approach of mixing responsibilities of different groups of people into the same budget.

I encourage you to revisit and revise your proposal, with a clear and focused plan that is specific to the OpsGuild’s responsibilities and budget.

@0xGallego Thank you for the feedback. Are you suggesting one OpsGuild budget for non-technical contributors, and another OpsGuild budget for technical contributors?

@0xGallego How can I write it more clearly and focused?

Just sharing my two cents here, but I see a few things that might not really align with Ops:

  • The stuff in the Technical Operational section? I reckon that should be handled by the technical guilds, on a project-by-project or roadmap basis. (Aragon DAO Operations might be the only exception.)
  • Setting up community calls, onboarding, and assistances - I believe that’s more in the wheelhouse of the folks in growth & community coordination roles, rather than the Ops guild.
  • As for Dework, I’d say that’s each workgroup’s business, or maybe there could be a specific group just for Dework contributions.
  • And the Wiki and docs - this might also be best handled by each guild.

So, all in all, here’s what I think the Ops guild’s responsibilities are, and should stay as:

  • Stepping in to operate the Ops Safe when needed, like for payments & proposal submissions.
  • Assisting other members with tasks that need or might need the Ops Safe.

@0xGallego It seems like your are proposing a guild restricted to Financial Ops alone, am I understanding your thinking correctly? So the Ops Guild should instead be named Financial Ops Guild, and not be handling any non-financial tasks?