Proposal: Elect the first Supreme Court Multisig (draft)

:warning: This is a draft!

The DAO shall grant permission to the Supreme Court Multisig at address 0xee8F0B89983aF83598E6Fb503B9f6e5eaf23b243 to create outcomes on the Arbitrator contract at 0xCOMINGSOON.

The proposed Supreme Court Multisig is composed of the following judges:

  • Maria Castillo, 0x0C5040Dc024dEC029504422b26C993D9bF7c0E74
  • Eric Hill (Rotorless), 0xD83551B29d0DA46C9b6d105EF359E23aaF46e764
  • Diana Zaman, 0x18D3ed5261F23cF0CDfbCf0512123b179b0816F0 (farahjan.eth)
  • Jose Nuno, 0xEE72d1fC34D031eD08175ED6c3CD6171B2477501
  • Gianluca Cattin, 0xC316f415096223561e2077c30A26043499d579aD (cattin.eth)

PR present at Adding N3GOV-29 by luisivan · Pull Request #35 · nation3/gov-proposals · GitHub