Proposal: Linked Markdown document registry


This would be a governance proposal to deploy the canonical Linked Markdown document registry on the Optimism rollup, publish the SDK to NPM and compensate sollee.eth for the work done with 3 NATION from the DAO.

North Star metric alignment

This proposal would advance the North Star metric by allowing people to create on-chain records of document templates which can then be imported similarly to ‘packages’, bringing more people into trusting Nation3 agreements (when the court becomes publicly available) by advancing the unofficial goal of a ‘GitHub for legal agreements’.


Linked Markdown is the flavor of Markdown pioneered by Nation3. An MVP for a semi-official package manager runs on a centralized server run by the Nation3 Solar Guild, and there are no integrity checks such as hash verification or signature verification to ensure that the document/package is legitimately by that author and not redefining certain terms retroactively to the detriment of agreement users.

This document registry would be an improvement to the current system by having the content of these documents be located through IPFS and with some metadata on-chain.

The features of this document registry (and associated interface) are:

  • Immutable revisions
  • On-chain metadata
  • Actual data stored on IPFS
  • Transferable zone NFTs

Awesome proposal!!

Just to clarify, you mean the frontend, right? Since the smart contracts would be onchain and without an admin key.

i mean as in the current state of things, will edit proposal to make it clearer nvm i can’t

This sounds amazing.

Having a public repository of legal documents will be a game-changer for making law accesible for everyone. Done right, it could also make creating a Nation3 Agreement a whole lot smoother.

This is a retroactive funding proposal, right? If so, can you link your work to the proposal?

Also, do you know how to upload your proposal to GitHub - nation3/gov-proposals: Archive of governance proposals for the Nation3 DAO? If not, no sweat - I’m here to help!

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Will link the work, yea
Hope the DAO votes yes on this lol

And nope I’m not sure how to do the latter

Nice, happy that this went ahead!
This is going to be a pretty useful tool.