Proposal: Open Up Guilds for $veNATION holders

I propose not restricting access to guilds in Discord to NFT passport holders only:

Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 10.56.15 AM

Instead, open these channels up for $veNATION holders as well.

Why? This would make it easier for someone with limited funds, but ability to work, to contribute value to the DAO without making a large upfront investment. It should be easy for anyone to do work for the DAO, right?

  • Yes: Grant $veNATION holders with access to guilds.
  • No: Keep guilds limited to NFT passport holders.

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Hey, this is an exciting topic.

As I understand it, the original idea is that the work guilds are restricted to those considered “citiz3ns” (sorry, I like to imagine the title this way). These individuals are considered active members of the Nation, with even a tighter alignment with the project than regular veNATION holders.

By now, becoming a citiz3n only depends on holding an X veNATION balance, so I propose you push a proposal to lower the required balance to claim a passport. Or, even something I would sponsor myself, issuing a second batch of passports after the founders’ ones with lower requirements.

How do you see it?

@0xGallego I think requiring someone to hold an NFT passport before being allowed to work is a bit backwards. In my perspective, it would make more sense to reward people with an NFT passport after they have done great work.

It would be like requiring people to have a proof of residency or “work permit”, as the governments like to do it in the old world of nation states. If you are just traveling the world to some country today, you are not legally allowed to do work there without their permission. I hope we can move away from that system. :pray:

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Wow, I didn’t think it that way.
I totally agree with you.

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Yeah, this is really good feedback. I guess the path should be:

  • Have tasks out there that can be completed, earn $NATION. This requires some channels to be open for everyone to see and take tasks
  • With the earned $NATION, lock it and get a passport
  • With that passport, get privileged access and the nation’s services

Does that make sense?


Yes, I seriously open the guild gate control can be beneficial to the development of the country, because there are many citizens who are not financially strong enough to contribute to the development of the country, in addition, I think we should propose an outline for the development of the guild, and work together for the corresponding goals.


You have been wandering around in a tight knot. You can enter any channel when you lock in Nation at the beginning. With the Genesis passport behind you, you can only enter any channel with the Genesis passport. Now no one is developing the Mint Genesis passport, and you have begun to restrict the policy. You can enter some channels with 500 dollars. Can you be generous sometimes? Where is your original intention at the beginning, where is your plan, and where is your aimless, I think nation3 can be generous, open any channel, have no funding requirements, and can authenticate identity. I hope more people can learn about nation3, rather than blindly setting standards.