Proposal: Renew multi-sig inactive spot


Recently the members of the Meta & Rewards guilds decided to merge under the common umbrella of the Meta Guild, that from now on will be responsible for Finance & Operations.

One of the primary responsibilities of the rewards guild was to operate the multi-sig that performs payments for bounties, community distributions (through NationCred), and, lately, contributors’ compensations.

To ensure the guild can perform financial operations efficiently, we need to have the most active contributors in the critical roles, such as signers of the multi-sig.

The current multi-sig configuration is:

Tooz seems to haven’t been around the organization for the last month. So, we should replace his spot with a more active contributor.


I propose to remove Tooz’s spot as a signer and promote @aahna in replacement.

@aahna is a self-proven, competent & active contributor:

  • She already holds an essential role as English Community Coordinator.
  • She is an active member of the Developers & Meta guilds.
  • She continuously participates in review work, guild management, and NationCred & Coordinape maintenance.

I am totally agree, @aahna is a good contributor!

Why do I feel it is nation, secretive and nobody speak English group almost one month.

Agree,@aahna is an active contributor