Proposal: Set Minimum Requirements for Ops Guild Multisig Owners

This is a continuation of the Discord discussion in the #⚙️-ops-guild channel.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Is Nation3 citizen (passport holder)
  2. Minimum $veNATION balance: 5
  3. Citizen activity status: ACTIVE
  4. Minimum NationCred score: 100
  5. Minimum Operator skill level: 4

Any feedback on these thresholds?

And additionally, in the future, when the Nation3 Legal system becomes functional, we can add a minimum amount of Agreement collateral to the list of requirements. Meaning that any new owner of the Ops Guild multisig would enter into a legal agreement with the DAO.

Would you support this change?

  • Approve
  • Reject
  • Abstain
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I think that there is a lot to be said for this discussion. At the moment we have very few active citizens (including me in an Inactive state) and the NationCred calculations are all returning ???, do we need to move those needles before we put the rules in place - or should the rules come first?

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I think if this multisig is meant to manage the treasury and upgradeable contracts this discussion needs to be had as soon as possible.

You have brought up an important point, however. I think after this proposal has been put up for vote, a proposal to lay out the short and long term plan for this DAO needs to be presented to citizens.

My question for @aahna is: What is the rationale for these parameters, how did you decide on them? And also, who are the currently eligible candidates for the multisig signer role given these params?

I believe the needle needs to be moved first because without activity then the numbers are arbitrary at best. I think just having citizens elect and vote on Multisig signers would be the best in the meantime until we can be sure any bugs with the NationCred system have been worked out since it hasn’t really been used in its full capacity

@johnmark13 I’ve fixed the missing NationCred calculations: NationCred scores in list of profiles (#35) by aahna-ashina · Pull Request #59 · nation3/citizen-directory · GitHub

@johnmark13 Good point. So the active/inactive status shouldn’t be an absolute requirement, because while it takes 4 weeks to earn, it can be lost in only 1 week. Maybe we can change that to “3. Should have reached ACTIVE citizen status at some point in the last X months” or something like that?

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@takeabreath The Ops Guild multisig is not meant to manage treasury/contracts.