Proposal: Switch to quadratic voting system


On April 21st, 2022, Nation3 published its first two governance proposals on Snapshot.

Both proposals presented multiple voting options with single-choice voting as voting system.

The current voting system forced us to vote with 100% of our voting power to a single option. This didn’t feel good for two reasons:

  • With the current voting power distribution minority stakeholders might feel disenfranchised.
  • We want to be able to spread our voting power across more than one option.


We propose to use quadratic voting on future proposals.

Why quadratic voting?

First, it would allow anyone to spread their voting power between multiple choices. This reflects preferences more truthfully and avoids “strategic voting” issues.

Secondly, it creates more balanced voting scenarios between the number of votes & voting power (strongest commitment).

For further detail, read the original paper.


Use Voting system: Quadratic voting on future Snapshot proposals.

Co-authored with: @0xPaella
We want to open a discussion here before formally opening the vote on Snapshot.


Don’t we run into Sybil resistance issues with quadratic?

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agree, it is more fair, and better for everyone

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I agree with this quadratic voting governance as well.
More fair among the voting community,

BTW I think you meant weighted voting, which is what you described without the Sybil resistance issues.

I was yesterday researching and brainstorming how to increase resistance to sybil attacks. So far I didn’t found an answer I really like for our current state, so yeah I think we could amend the proposal to unless change to weighted voting. Still doesn’t help with the whale’s power but unless it would allow us to use our voting power without overtaking all proposals.