Solar Guild Q2 23-Q2 24 proposal

Needed context:

Objectives (O) & Key Results (KR)

O1: Enforce the Nation3 Constitution

  • KR1: 200 Nation3 citizens cryptographically sign their support for the Nation3 Constitution.
  • KR2: 1,000 Ethereum accounts cryptographically sign their support for the Nation3 Constitution.
  • KR3: Only Nation3 citizens can vote on on-chain votes in the Nation3 DAO.
  • KR4: Nation3 DAO can add and remove members from the Supreme Court and Guardian Guild on-chain.

O2: Get Nation3’s legal system to product-market fit

  • KR1: Token streams are disputable under Nation3 legal system.
  • KR2: Votes within DAOs are disputable under Nation3 legal system.
  • KR3: All smart contracts are publicly audited by an external party.
  • KR4: More than 5 case studies on DAOs using Nation3 are published.
  • KR5: A new website clearly stating the value proposition of Nation3 is published.
  • KR6: Nation3 counts with at least 3 functional sub-courts.
  • KR7: Nation3’s legal system is available in at least 2 of the following chains: Polygon, Optimism, Base, Arbitrum.
  • KR8: Integrated Nation3 App with agreements, citizenship and governance built with the Nation3 design system is launched.
  • KR9: Nation3 has a major presence on at least one major in-person event.

Modification of the deliverables

It should be possible for Solar Guild, given market circumstances and other external factors, to alter the deliverables together with the consent of the Guardian Guild and the DAO.


We request a total of 750k USDC and 1,175.04 NATION to solarguild.eth.

Team members $752,000
Open positions $306,000
In-person events $23,000
Operational expenses $7,820.17
Nation3 DAO services $5,165.62
5% buffer $54,699.08
Total $1,148,685.08

Once disputable streams — powered by Nation3 agreements — are live, we see no need to request funds upfront (except to perform treasury diversification, of course). However, to make disputable streams happen we need to build them — therefore needing some funds upfront.

This is the breakdown:

  • 350k USDC: To be sent upfront.
  • 400k USDC: To be set on a disputable stream lasting 6 months and starting 3 months from the enactment of this proposal.
  • 405 NATION: For contributor vesting packages, as already approved in the first proposal. To be sent upfront.
  • 270.04 NATION: For contributor vesting packages, to be set on a disputable stream lasting 6 months and starting 3 months from the enactment of this proposal.
  • 500 NATION: To perform internal treasury diversification to cover the rest of the total amount. To be sent upfront.


The Solar Guild is now composed of five full-time contributors. Read more about them here.

We also have an additional part-time contributor doing full stack development.

Solar Guild aims to hire two more full-time members for the following roles:

  • Ecosystem and growth.
  • Solidity/full-stack.

Solar Guild members will opt-out of any other compensation from open & operational guilds.

Skin in the game

The leading contributors within Solar Guild, @luis, @0xGallego and @anastasiya will enter a Nation3 agreement with the Nation3 DAO, putting 180 NATION as collateral. Even if disputable streams aren’t implemented yet, this is a sign of goodwill and accountability toward the Nation3 DAO.

PR at Solar Guild Q2 23-Q2 24 proposal by luisivan · Pull Request #53 · nation3/gov-proposals · GitHub


Love this. The KRs and context are great. You’ve got my full support :heart:

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I love the way that Nation is working in open, and the Objectives are on point.

12 months is a long time for OKRs, will there be quarterly reviews to check that any initiatives are moving the KRs in the right direction and that the KRs remain the right ones?

On the financial side it is a big budget, how much of the current treasury does that represent and at what point do you see O2 becoming cash (token/price.whatever) generative? Is the PWN loan repayment considered with in ?

Definitely! The Guardian Guild (once incorporated) will be the one with that duty.

The funds to repay the PWN loan + some buffer would stay in the DAO since this proposal asks for 750k USDC, and Aragon will send 1M USDC.

In terms of NATION in the treasury, it would be 4.6% of the DAO’s treasury. It’s a high amount without doubt, but needed to build what can take Nation3 to the next level.

When it comes to O2 making the DAO “break-even”, it’s a tricky question. First, because if the hyperstructures thesis is correct, there’s no need for it to generate fees for NATION to become valuable. It would suffice for Nation3 agreements to reach a high TVS so the market considers Nation3 worth governing.

In terms of achieving sustainability without keeping that in mind, we would need to raise dispute fees or make them proportional to TVS. As it is now, 1000 agreements * dispute fee of 0.05 = 50 NATION. With today’s volume, buying 50 NATION off the market would mean 25% appreciation. But we are too early to ossify these numbers, so I don’t think they mean much yet!

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Very clearly articulated, thank you.