Some thoughts for Nation3

It’s pretty excited to witness the Digital Kingdom with all of you, I kept dreaming when I was a child, how the borderless community is in the future, after I read all about NATION3, that’s it!

I would like to share some thoughts from self:

  1. Except citizens, we will need more members to build up our community together, we will have 420 passports (as the existing result shows), maybe we’ll open the door for new members some years later, however, we need them to proof they are real NATION3, perhaps we need some screening rules to select right persons, as a back-up member, he/she should clarify self to all citizens, and vote for them, not just a passport.

  2. As I learned from some channels, Nation3 is going to be a VC organization as a part of the cloud country, crypto must be crypto, we should focus on some investments in crypto, to encourage those potential projects, for those which we invest, it will be a part of us as well, like we will have a business association, they’re our members, and control quantity less than 50.

  3. In order to expand our token purpose, I think, $NATION3 Token may be an original currency, deriving into a new currency in a special rate anchoring $NATION3, then citizens can use the new currency for daily.

I still have a lot of ideas want to share you, above are early for us, just can’t wait to share to all of you, appreciate for reading!! :kissing_heart:


I’m a poor philosopher who hasn’t starved to death yet.

I’m very much looking forward to the next low-money or free event participation, nation-building activities that NOTION3 will launch.

I will look for opportunities to do something interesting. There are many people born in nation states, but everyone has a free heart.


Ya, bro, money is important, but it doesn’t mean everything, sometimes we need to do sth just to follow our heart.

Glad to meet you here and I entirely trust the team and community, we are changing the world!

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:thinking:At present, people holding venation are citizens, and people holding passports have greater power, similar to parliamentarians.

Interesting points, here are my thoughts.

  1. I think we need an appeal to the masses while maintaining some exclusivity with passports. That is why I think it makes sense to have a low-entry membership (perhaps called ID) for community members that are on the track to getting a passport.

  2. I can’t help but think of The DAO. I was around back then and it was an overhyped idea to crowdfund new projects. I was skeptical back then because it relied on the wisdom (or stupidity if you want) of the crowd. I think it can work if we have good leadership, due-diligence, and make sure that funded projects add value to our citizens.

  3. I think there is a temptation to quickly get all the stuff that normal states have. In my opinion, small leaps into new areas rather than traditional state infrastructure are more interesting and beneficial for a cloud state. We do not want to reproduce nation states in many aspects. I think that we should think about utility when it comes to a national currency. If $nation or $dai or whatever is proclaimed a national currency, how would you use it? There is currently no use case within nation3. In the future, it might be, sure. However, I still think that we should be agnostic when it comes to stablecoins or crypto - apart from using $nation where appropriate.


I think its very important and interesting~
Be agnostic