Submission of Candidacy - Matthew (Matt) Blaine

Greetings, everyone!

My name is Matt Blaine. I am an attorney based out of Monmouth County, New Jersey, in the United States. I’ve been practicing for nearly 14 years, focusing on complex commercial litigation (including extensive arbitration experience - both litigating and arguing about arbitration agreements and drafting them), transactional, M&A, and outside general counsel services, along with a blockchain and crypto practice that I’ve developed and refined over the course of the last few years. I’m also a LexDAO contributor. If you’re curious to hear about any of my opinions, you can watch this recent podcast here: Vertical Blocks: Episode 15 - What in the DAO? Blockchain Lawyer Breaks Down DAO Governance - YouTube.

I am making this post because I recently learned that Nation3 may be looking for an additional candidate to serve as a judge. I would love to have the opportunity to serve as a judge.

I understand, and agree to enter into the agreement with Nation3 DAO to fulfill my role as a Judge in the Supreme Court of Nation3, should I be elected by community vote.

My relevant legal experience and qualifications are outlined above.

In addition to serving as a contributor for LexDAO, I have worked collaboratively with a number of DAOs, entities, or other individuals/organizations as a contributor, legal counsel, or consultant on matters concerning the development and implementation of governance, establishing DAO and other entity/organization governing documents, providing outside general counsel services, and a variety of other matters.

I am eager to serve as a Supreme Court Judge for the Nation3 DAO and relish the opportunity to serve in such a capacity. Kindly consider me an eager candidate.

Even if, for whatever reason, I do not qualify for candidacy or I am not elected as a Judge, I would love the opportunity to be a part of this community and work with you all to help develop a better network state.

*Edit: my Ethereum address is 0xeca5e3ce0774372e71ce9b3675cb07c6677c2d52.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Best wishes!

-Matt Blaine