We may need a National Anthem

nation3 ,may need a National Anthem


Looks really like Zuck :slight_smile:

I’m on the floor :rofl: :rofl:

Young, free and lively spirit

hope our National Anthem isn’t a joke like this…

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I worked on this while at Aragon, and was one of my fave things to do:

We could do a similar one for Nation3 :slight_smile:


In terms of narrative, I think the Nation3 Manifesto is the best place to base our National Anthem message. If we are talking about the visual representation I think the video format is the most powerful method to use, so yeah, agree about using the Aragon - The fight for freedom as the main reference for this audiovisual piece.

Totally open to helping with this piece!



This requires professionals, according to the concept of nation3, and then create

Lizards have sisters? :laughing:

No, don’t need the national anthem, don’t want to get your thinking to our nation3 curing

The national anthem, I think it is more difficult, because people in every region have it, how to sing it?

I hope it’s a peaceful anthem

what if we just take E Mare Libertas and roll with it lol


@Sollee is going to make it.