What does the future of nation3 look like?

I found that the community and Twitter are relatively low-key recently. I am very curious about what the future will look like, but I can’t imagine it. Can someone tell me what to expect from nation3?


This is a DAO and most importantly a community, so Nation3 will be whatever we all choose for it to be in the space of nations.
But I guess you are here for specific projects and not just dreams, so I’ll leave here a few ideas. But first, the guilds are being created as of now, so that’s the reason you are not seeing much happening, that will be solved soon.
Some to be started somewhat soon is the Court system, where people will be able to get in private agreements, agreements with the DAO or even be sponsored to get a Passport. If that grows enough, it would allow other days to do DAO to DAO economic activities under the Nation3 jurisdiction.
Other ideas involve the Passport giving you access to different external token gated DAO’s, kind of like a cloud version of what a passport does irl. Also, defending our users through a guild focused on that is being discussed… Many things are going on, one by one.
You are right on time to help leading them to where you want them to be!

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