Elect the Guardian Multisig

We now have two guardian candidacies (Santi and Raymond):

This proposal would elect them as signatories in the Guardian Multisig, which would oversee the high-level output of guilds and dispute their agreements with the DAO if they aren’t delivering.

This proposal also:

  • Renames the Guardian Guild to Guardian Multisig: The word guild can be confusing as it can mean a loosely delimited group of people — which isn’t the case here.
  • Delimits the responsibilities of the Guardian Multisig to disputing the agreements with guilds, not other administrative tasks.
  • Renames the Meta Guild to Ops Multisig: Same as with the previous rename, and it also reduces the ambiguity that the word meta produces.

PRs at Add Guardians by luisivan · Pull Request #5 · nation3/law · GitHub and Elect the Guardian Multisig by luisivan · Pull Request #58 · nation3/gov-proposals · GitHub